What is the price for the hand painted oil painting ?

Nov 29, 2010
It will be very expensive, which is considered to depend on specific pictures, some good works or famous painters. However, my classmates painted an ordinary oil painting of 0.5m, about 500m.

How much do you spend? Even if it's less than 2000 yuan, it costs tens of dollars to buy potted flowers. In fact, it's not worth buying oil painting at home. If you have hundreds of dollars, you can also buy imported books. Leonardo is famous. His imported album is only a few pounds, only a few hundred dollars, and the book is very big. The albums of other artists are almost the same. They went to Dandan and Amazon. If you view and buy picture books, you will feel weak when you use fake oil paintings at home.

Even if it exceeds 2000, it should not be purchased. In addition, things like paintings are as real as photos, and their skin is polished like a mirror. Please do not buy. It's no different from pure Linyi. It can't be said that high quality prints are varnished. If you look at the album, you may one day draw it yourself.

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