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gold COINS oil painting, and each big stores and Banks have launched a batch of new kind of precious metal commemorative commodities

Year end will come, China gold, gold COINS, and each big stores and Banks have launched a batch of new kind of precious metal commemorative commodities. Affected by the economic downturn, depreciation and stock market shocks, the mass consumer choice commemorates the goods at the end of the year will be more considering the factors of value appreciation, and gold as a "safe-haven asset" triggered at the beginning of the end of New Year gold fever, and even many souvenirs on gold express to attract consumers. But, behind gold fever, there are some pitfalls, some consumers one-sided think buying any gold goods is equal to the gold investment, then rushed to follow suit. The personage inside course of study says, the key to investing in gold is to see the cashability, however, gold bars, gold and other precious metals products on the market are facing to liquidate the humiliation of a narrow channel.
New gold market
Affected by the global economic slowdown, slowing the fed raising interest rates policy influence, such as the price of gold is ups and downs. In the first half of 2016 the gold market hot, whereas in the second half of the gold market plummeted, once fell to a low. However, at the end of the gold market, it is time to all kinds of precious metals commodities listed frequently, driven by a variety of new gold market is a good situation, sparked panic buying gold rush. Since ancient times, the gold in the mind of Chinese is the symbol of wealth and status, however, under the background of the poor in the global economy, gold hedging function increasingly stand out, become the choice of many investors to avoid risk.
As early as two months remain before the Spring Festival in November last year, 2017 chickens in New Year gold bars have been listed, the release of chicken in New Year gold bars total weight 3000 kilograms, cast by chao in the Great Wall of precious metals co., LTD., Shanghai gold coin oil painting investment co., LTD., the total distribution. In all parts of the country of China gold coin is available licensed retailers, Beijing area's starting price of 315 yuan per gram. According to store employees, chicken year New Year gold bars sales very hot, the sale on lining up early in the morning people have the team in the morning, only morning time, citizens to buy up tens of meters long line. Although chicken year New Year gold bars more expensive than painting monkey New Year gold bars 50 yuan/grams, but didn't weaken the enthusiasm of consumers are snapping up.
For sales hot chicken year New Year gold bars, wangfujing industrial building mall general manager li-jun bai told reporters, the Beijing business today with the development of economic and social, gold has transformed from the original wealth investment tools now. Part of consumers will choose to buy gold bars used to store values in the end, because holding gold can effectively avoid the risk of financial markets. Second, consumers in the financial management, there will be a part of the funds for a fixed income deposits, some for stock or a financial products, and investment bar is also a way of diversified their capital, eggs, after all, not in the same basket. And the other part of the consumers to buy gold bars is the gold bullion as a way of investment, such investors will buy the low price and sell when the price is high.
In addition to investment in gold bars, gold ornaments as traditional Chinese gold investment object at the end of the year also ushered in the round, people in the pursuit of gold ornaments at the end of the year when a sharp rise. However, the consumer has higher requirements on gold technology and creative today, at the end of the gold jewelry market has become the bullion stores the critical timing of spell power. All kinds of Chinese zodiac, hesui pendants, bracelets, necklaces and other emerge in endlessly, in a store sales staff can point out a few style is their own store's unique design. In li-jun bai's view, these consumers in general to buy gold at the end of the year, are just need, some consumers will choose in the New Year's day is for children or the old man bought a few small gram pendant worn, are looking forward to your family peace auspicious meaning.
Gold to liquidate in embarrassment
Goes the chaotic buy gold and visible gold oil painting reproductions as an investment tool has a long history, gold value maintained and stored value function has always been people in collection and investment become the preferred, however, gold in the hands of the consumers is not money, need the gold into cash to complete the final step in the investment. Maybe it will be a lot like gold on hand feel "solid" investors do not know, gold bullion to buy hand easily, want to cash is not so simple.
In gold, a consumer is buying gold told Beijing business newspaper reporters, her here every year to buy gold for yourself, it can not only satisfy her demand for precious metal jewelry, also has the function of realizable value now home has already saved a lot of gold. Store sales personnel when displaying a product to the reporter, said to buy gold, didn't pay much at all, because gold has a store of value function, is equivalent to the left pocket money out into the right pocket. But when a reporter asked whether consumers are buying gold is gold on the experience of cash, the consumers said they had not yet turned into cash, but do not deny that the future will take their gold jewellery to liquidate

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In the 16th century Netherlands revolution, after decades of struggle, finally established the Dutch league northern provinces provincial republic

In the 16th century Netherlands revolution, after decades of struggle, finally established the Dutch league northern provinces provincial republic.
The rest of the south is still in the feudal autocracy and Spain under the control of the Catholic church, it is no longer called Netherlands, renamed Flanders, equivalent to about Belgium today, is a historical area.
17 th-century Flanders dominant is baroque art, it is mainly by the court and church and noble aesthetic taste, but also by the Italian art. Flanders show gorgeous art at this moment, dynamic and colorful art style, more close to the Italian art on modelling, the mystery of the Netherlands oil painting and the Renaissance art, guileless, rich folk flavor of works has greatly different its interest.
In the 17th century Flanders is the greatest artist Rubens Peter Paul Rubens (1577 ~ 1577). He was born in Antwerp, father is a lawyer. Teenage years he worked as a noble, and proficient in German, French, rand sven and Latin, after painting. In 1598, he became an artist, and open studio to teach students. The age of 23 Rubens went to Italy, all the duke's court painter, began a period of eight years studying period in Italy. He copying the works of many masters in Venice, and extensive research studied the Renaissance Italian factions of the artist's paintings. Italy's classical culture, the Rubens has a decisive influence of art development in the future.
He was back to Antwerp, 31 years old, Flanders archduke seal for court painter, became the most popular artist. He put the Italian art perfectly into their style of elegant, create both exaggerated form, changeful lines, bright color, exquisite detail depiction, free and easy pen, and do not break right proportion and exquisite sculpt art. Rubens is not only good at painting colorful large, also good at make these work is permeated with vigorous vitality, his characters are mostly strong, energetic, or the image of the plump. His work with a very strong appeal, give a person with thriving angry, happy mood, the strong sensory stimulation. The splendor of his art is suitable rendering palace and eulogized the forces of imperial power, so people called him the baroque painting masters.
Several years after the return from Italy to Antwerp, Rubens created many exaggerated modelling, draw a great works, then his paintings very successful business. In order to deal with the order, he established a huge studio, hire some painters and assistant, and recruit students. Studio Rubens completed a large number of works, usually by himself to draft, draw the details, and then produced by students, assistant and other employment painter took over, finally completed by Rubens himself up. So, in his studio "produce" out of the thousands of works.
Rubens not only is famous for its old famous oil painting master, had been widely praised, and he was also made diplomatic envoys, often travel to Europe, to accept foreign order. He traveled to Spain, where they met velazquez, painter, get the favour of the king of Spain. Also visited the palace, paint for the British royal family, was the king granted order.
After the 1630 s, the artistic style of Rubens by strong motion and drama into a gentle lyric style, there are some beautiful landscapes.
Rubens art has the characteristics of the Netherlands, rare it was basically belongs to the system of Italian art, he completed the task of albrecht durer began 100 years ago - to break the boundaries of art, Netherlands and southern Europe have both the essence of art.
Rubens painting techniques is usually a complete method, or directly on the canvas with colour, pen is bold and unrestrained, bright color and lively. He always gives his work with vibrant life picture, all the men and women characters from his pen is his favorite kind lively vitality. But some of his image is too strong, a bit flashy, lack of inner temperament.
Anyhow, Rubens bold colour, intense light and shade, full of vitality of the image, to the 19th century romanticism art has a direct and far-reaching influence.
Oil painting: queen Mary landed at port of marseille, the painter: Rubens
Painting: the queen Mary landed at port of marseille painter: Rubens
Rubens life works very abundant, his main representative works include "the daughter of Lv Xipu, of capture", "on the cross" (1610), "the cross", "Mary meidi's life paintings" (1623), the war of w. connor o (1618), "the garden of love" (1634), "Helen Buddha, and the two sons of Rubens (1636), the landscape of the rainbow (1640) and so on.
In the students and assistants of Rubens, one of the most accomplished to Anthony van Dyck (Dr. An Dyck 1599 ~ 1641). He mastered the teacher after depicting the skills of various objects, king Charles I and nobles recognition, become a court painter of Charles I. His work with Rubens on temperament and emotional appeal is very different, often exude grace and microstrip melancholy mood, also than Rubens delicate painting style. Van dyke especially in portrait, has a far-reaching influence on the British painting development. From his works, we learned that the British aristocracy gentle demeanor and temperament, see the idealized image of British society.
Oil painting: st. Martin's cut his cloak, painter, van dyck
Oil painting: "the saint Martin cut open his cloak" painter: van dyke
Van dyke's representative works include "Charles I ride a horse like", "", and his wife portrait, portrait of marquise", etc.
Jol when si (J.J ordaens 1593-1678) was a famous painter at that time, one of the partners Rubens. He accepted the invitation from the Rubens and with Rubens completed some important creation. His main achievement in inherit and carry forward traditional aspects of Flanders genre painting. "Autumn harvest", "the king of beans,", "Mr Tyre in peasant's" is his representative works, these works to the description of Flanders citizens life, full of life interest and optimism

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