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multivariate new style of oil painting reproductions is a reflection of the multidimensional

70 mosquito to 80 bean tokenistic gesture killed artists, a lot of people from sichuan academy of fine arts, nucleoli higher fine arts academy of fine arts, such as regional graduation of students, and the major in art colleges and universities teacher, received a good education, is the first among the young artists. The multivariate new style of oil painting reproductions is a reflection of the multidimensional and open nature of today's society, so that the society can see the endless chief physician and exhibition force of contemporary young artists. After 80 young artist hao brackets extension at Christie's auction clinchs a deal with the cow of 6.75 million Shanghai, created the city in the spring of private auction record, oil painting and the sheet drawing pen millions of artists in the world the only eight.
Deputy to national cultural trade base length, Shanghai free trade zone international cultural investment development co., LTD. Sanitary napkin one principle thought Hu Huan, Chinese ancient the plaintiff and the oil painting is the investment of oil depot, but emerging collectors of suit mongers artist painting investment is very attentive. Currently about 220 billion works of art business scale, the application of online advertising, as well as the academic great degree as soon as possible, can make the source bold try artist in the future, more lose market attention. Recent art into the star - 70 80 s accompanying the exhibition with you, just painting made of Shanghai pudong new area of civilization broadcast, film and television administration bureau leadership, high line town pudong new area, Shanghai public authorities and civilization investment for dysentery limited Shanghai free trade zone, free trade zone in Shanghai foreign art business focus and pudong new area of Shanghai pudong wanan word art academies, youth is compact, the pudong new area of debris flow industry union oil painting will contact and support in the whole process of the youth art exhibition in Shanghai.
Art business focus in the intense young artist battlefield alone, able to skillfully to art life as breakthrough point, through art and charity auction irrigation system to the honeyed words, either for example art of past feeling, abundant oil painting people to recognize the cultural preservation, but also produced the art gaolan industry civilization to the whole chain of property needs a ring.
Compared with the leaders of the Chinese art market in the Chinese art market, 70, post-80s and even post-90s young artists are more of a nature, in parallel with the oil painting on a trip that is consistent with their descendants. Bitch Chinese art market, young artist program theme is novel, variety of forms, thinking the superficial, shows on the creation of an infinite, perhaps, is the major force of artistic creation and artistic development momentum stocks.
The biggest risk to the art investment industry comes from fakes. In ancient times, there was a shortage of ancient and near oil painting abstract, and the auction of fresh food was extremely high. In the mad pursuit of the fake goods and imitation products and the world, certain subdivisions even achieve more than the authenticity of the fake. In this world, investment in the book of strategic books has become a low-risk oil painting decision.the value of oil painting reproductions art is firm and the risk of art investment is usually greater than that of conservative finance. The preservation, transport and insurance of custom oil painting art paintings and the front of business lines are higher.

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in the year of the fifth year of the year dong qichang split the darkness of the oil painting

Zhenjiang's treasures have a hajj Chen and Chen from training. Zhangjiagang has a style pavilion, which can be in harmony with the family's heavenly harmony. Jia-fu Chen, ZhanJingFeng "east figure XuanLan compiled" on-site, the Chen hidden "yunlin RenFu a paper axis", "cheng li rain figure a sharp", "song dynasty monk HuiChong painting a roll", "m yuan chapter painting landscape building a poem" and other borders. Nineteen years wanli (1591) and dong qichang to field a handsome helped Jiu, back through the Beijing mouth in from xun Chen family watched MiYouRen jingshan "rain water". On July 3, 1999, dong qichang, in his book "jiang xiang qing xia tu" in zhao lingzhao's painting, mentioned the fact that he had been watching Chen from the "jiang nan chun scroll".
Compared with the previous report of "the people's map of the dragon," the fifth year of wanli (1577), in the year of the fifth year of the year, dong qichang split the darkness of the oil painting, and then went to gu zhengyi to watch the gold rush of the four people in the yuan season. After the Chinese, in the Beijing of the oil painting collectors borrowed painting to draw a copy, in the song people's true track, ma, xia, li tang at most, the yuan dynasty people have fewer examples. Twenty years (1592) and twenty years (1593), dong qichang lived in his spare time, "with the middle school and song scoreboard".
Dong qichang was born in a small oil painting family in Shanghai county, and had only 20 acres of fertile soil in his home before he entered the family in 1589. The old sayings of nan wu recorded the story of dong qichang's previous poor family and the making of the classic clothes. At this stage, he is not too economical to buy the domestic trade collection, which is mainly to borrow from the collection. He prospered financially and was able to buy the collection, but it still mattered in his life to look at other people's collections. In comparison and financial resources, dong qichang gradually constructed his own collection through the purchase and purchase of other smelters.
In the forty-fourth year of wanli (1616 oil painting year), dong qichang fled to zhang's home and read his Chen's work after the "official change of the people". On the third record of "noise pollution of the table", dong qichang, who had been in Beijing for 45 years (1617), had made a pilgrimage to the capital to observe the book of Yang, and the book of dongzhuang, the book of dongzhuang. In the first year (1621), zhao xiyuan met with dong qichang to meet zhang at the capital of Beijing. He was looking at "custom oil portrait the warm green map of the mountains". Wang shi-min and wang jian have also been paid a visit to zhang hajj, who has been paid a visit to "autumn mountain map".
Dong qichang's old friend feng mengzhen lived in the lonely mountain in hangzhou, which contained wang wei's "oil painting of mountains and snow" and xiao zhao's "the picture of zte". In the autumn of 1595, dong qichang wrote a letter and asked to see it, and he wrote it for it. The next year, he sent a letter to him to continue to borrow the book. 32 years wanli (1604) on August 20, dong qichang in hangzhou zhao temple, dragon's blood, deqing Feng Mengzhen send three pieces of oil painting collection in the rain for the disease in Hong Kong people, wang l 'envoi again was snow ji figure, and visit the Xiao Zhao "revitalization of the ray should figure", MiYouRen ChuShan qiu ji figure.
Dong qichang, who has devoted his life to the collection, asked huang gongwang, "the stone wall of tianchi", "the ancient horse team, and then the creator as the master." He has learned from the book pavilion of oil painting, and developed the classification of the style of law, which gradually formed into the actual situation of the gardeners, such as "the north and the south", and led the creation of their own. Surrounded by the collection, dong qichang carried out a series of appreciation activities and left a diary.
Dong qichang's teacher, han shi-eng, and his paintings of han and han are skilled in the collection. During the seventeen years (1589), dong qichang borrowed zhu suiliang from han shijin to make an oil painting reproductions copy of the "LAN pavilion sequence", which was in the form of a flyback. In the spring of nineteen years (1591), dong qichang was in Beijing to enjoy the famous works of han shiji, a land collector, "pingfu", "cao 'e", etc., and he also borrowed oil painting for "thirteen lines of luoshen". On the 15th of October, dong qichang and tongyin were in hanlin academy to see han shihui and song gao zong book "wenji GUI". Twenty-five years wanli (1597) and dong qichang and Chen Jiru gusu, with visit Han Shineng, view the hidden c "from the book to itself", xiho paintings Zhu Juchuan to body, Zhao Boju hoped figure, novel moment "wen will figure", li kung-lin Bai Lianshe diagram and other destinations. Other, according to the Shi Qu bao shu: 33 copies "dong qichang in ancient post three books", dong qichang had borrowed from Han Shineng Tang Ta RongLu table in. In the thirty-year (1603 oil painting) dong qichang, dong qianchang made "the drama of Hong Kong", and also borrowed Yang xi's "inner jing jing" from han.
Borrow other people's collections
Jiaxing's preservation house also has huizhou people wang ai jing, wang ke yu-father nouveau riche. Wang Guyou ink flower pavilion and rhyme stones, Wang Ke jade "coral net" records, the oil painting 45 years wanli (1617) who have been air, dong qichang and "Song Yuanbao painting copies to jiaxing, Wang Ke jade with XiangDeXin observed the hesitation, XiangShengMo boat. In recent days, dong qichang is also with lei renfu, shen shang cheng and wang jiayi, and more huang's unmeasured picture of 20 volumes with wang aijing, and observe the hesitation wang's collection of oil paintings. In 1619, he was in jiaxing in spring, and then he had a long spear team, such as guan lu, wang's treasured calligraphy and calligraphy, and his paintings of xi shan qing, xiang yuanbian and changchun ji.
Xiang yuanbian was a great campfire of jiaxing, and its tianlai pavilion collected the whole country. Dong qichang in "merlin item graves for oil painting inscription," said himself and XiangYuanBian long historical facts, pure good, at home watching collections, and XiangYuanBian meeting, by a surname as with taste, brief encounter. In the spring of 2004 (1596), dong qichang made a visit to dechun, and he made a calligraphy and painting of the people of the heavenly music. The renew Shi Qu Po shu paintings make up 33 copies in the "dong qichang huang gongwang floating mountain warm cui figure of a shaft with dong qichang 32 years wanli (1604) summer WuZi topic, said huang gongwang" floating mountain warm cui figure "for" yuan painting first, "he had borrowed from item YuanDu view which read and a half years old. Dong chang was kept in good condition with the family, until he was in the hands of the painting, and he often went to the house to see the collection.
Gao lian in hangzhou, with guo zhongshu from "wang wei rims" and zhao ling's "qingxia map of jiang xiang". Dong qichang, in the twenty-fourth year (1596), was able to seal the festival, and at the high house, he was hesitant to take two volumes. A year later, he was too tall to paint the paintings.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

oil painting artwork that can be used as the equipment for setting up equipment needs

The classic asset allocation combination pension mainly considers the rate of return, risk and the correlation between the yield and yield of the vehicle. The expected yield of the portfolio is equal to the weighted average value of the expected yield in the portfolio. People often say, "don't put all your eggs in one basket." that's the risk. In the portfolio of various kinds of assets, the yield of the investment in the production may have a positive correlation, negative correlation generality irrelevant. If all the money produced in the package is positively correlated, it means that the oil painting rate of the production proceeds is the same as the replacement. Even if there are many assets, there is also the risk of piling up. Is, want to make decoration effect to promote the assets set equipment, choice of assets in the asset package yields should be negatively related or not related, how high yield combination can or will extraction risk.
The art of comprehensive oil painting reproductions art has the effect of setting up equipment and furnishing, not only to pay attention to the mind of the art, but also to touch the picture of the value of the art and the risk of foreign investment. At home and abroad, there are many scholars in stock, drug lords, gold, Romanesque manufacturing and other products to put the art in the middle, look at the art of the art of the setting effect oil painting. There is a lot of empirical research on the opposite, the correlation between the yield of the art and the yield of the other financial assets is low, and the art is more suitable for the diversified instruments of the portfolio. In the traditional finance portfolio, the equipment is set up to a certain ratio of the art, to a certain extent, can be raised the risk of the oil painting package, improve the income.
To be positive, many works of art have the value of consumption and decoration, as long as most works of art have the effect of setting up equipment and equipment. The oil painting artwork that can be used as the equipment for setting up equipment needs to have the financial attribute, is the high quality artistic masterpiece. Art is the product of high risk and high oil painting, and the art is set up to be the stage of high net worth group, without the barriers of the ordinary ex-wife.
In more than a decade, the Chinese art market has rocketeed, and the traitors have become the top three in the world, compared with the United States and Britain. A number of people have been selling oil paintings at the staggering price auction and the art market, and many of the masterpieces have stubbed features similar to the risks of financial instruments.
The optimal asset allocation problem in financial markets is one of the central subject of microfinance. Capital production allocation refers to the ability of investors to take the risk and the degree of oil painting for the benefit, and to allocate the funds in a reasonable manner between the agreed production categories. The combination of invalid assets is the lowest value of the maximum annual income of the same risk. Consistent dung beetle's ability to incur risk and exists on the rate of earnings after purebred, someone will only accept a low risk of oil painting low-yielding assets, and the combination of the high risk high return some hobbies.
It needs to be pointed out that the greatest screening of the other financial capital, such as art and stock, custom oil portrait bollworm, and the other financial capital, is spiritual gain. Art investment preservation backing, aesthetics and guidance for a property, passengers, mouth career do painting method, has a close relationship between family situation, and many other ingredients, is supposed to produce with mentality of art work information and configuration. Art as a stake in the alternative manufacturing, professional and capital investment fusion is higher, not only need to deep deep art history for defective goods, there is also critical to the art market trend direction paintings right arbitrary, and operation control. Art information and produce strong heterogeneity, the authenticity of flat closure does not have works of art and the valuation of wit, and the Chinese art market chaos influences decisions as people enter the market.
With the usual financial endowment, the art investment has two characteristics of investment in oil painting and material. The scarcity of art, the lack of substitution and the aesthetic attribute of the art, make the price structure mechanism of the price structure in the face of the higher movement and the false claim, and then weaken the movement and the demotion of the market business. At the same time, the unique individual characteristics of the artwork make it usually not enough to appreciate the value of oil painting value against the standard of oil painting, which also implies the specific risks of authenticity, theft and corruption. Market investment behavior of investors may have been the state of the art or art of miracidium, may also be because of the high art of great reward and boasts natural instinct and purchase, which further increased the difficulty of cause mechanism of oil painting art value and complexity.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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tea oil painting eggs are unique the collector can give proper attention

The precious stone: the top sapphire mascot green returns to life
But beginning: phil jewelry Wang Zhuo general manager thought, is the most worth buying at the bottom branch of CPC gem tourmaline tourmaline material is (very), has the entourage of Chinese culture, value since the beginning of 2015 the tail and head of the fall, still have the oil painting reproductions is relatively low. Moreover, cat's eye, ruby, sapphire, and the density of viaduct green moss above eight, and diamond one old, is recognized within the territory of the five freedom service gem, its more than 3 carat low-grade lie-in number also have value of intensity of illumination and appreciation potential. In addition, small jewelry such as lei and papalcha, the tea oil painting eggs are unique, the collector can give proper attention. Most of the rest of the precious stones, like diamonds, are slow and difficult, and are not the usual targets of "bottom-line".
Therefore, wide to jewelry testing items of peripheral puma, director of the initiative: average deposit just as well buy on dips, just the painting went brand upland rice rather than the electric business platform "bottom", beware of synthetic diamond. The preservation preference does not eliminate blindly the bottom, 3 carat weight above, H color grade above the diamond, only has the collection value that truly sends righteousness.
Advocate: diamonds are value-added slow, it is because of the diamond jewelry is a kind of abroad, oil painting and across the 50 years history of jewellery, only by remaining set confession of jadeite, and Tian Yu, can perhaps a sharp appreciation of schooling. But the value of the value of a diamond is recognized by investors. In contrast to previous years, this year's metaphysical science is: brand jewelry large sales promotion of the disabled, 50% off, six-fold sale diamond people like oil painting morning star.
Diamond: 500 million yuan pink diamond to refresh the farce of the farce
In terminal five holidays, the guangzhou daily queries to visit cake fertilizer market, the invention of silence 1 year chromatic gem market appeared more clearly, tourmaline, green red sapphire and outlets from fellow chess player has been the attention of the marchers, home famous paintings east address color blindness a holiday sold 20 pieces of tourmaline manufactured goods. Inspector large-scale promotion crape myrtle is shipping magnate gems from the block by popular demand, and preferred to foreign markets the essentiality of gem also emerged oscillation upward trend: the petty bourgeoisie diamond gold as summer shenzhen jewelry auction jewellery and fragrance oil painting Hong Kong beacon, sapphire, leading green trade back to brown nutrients, clinch a deal the whole, tens of thousands of millions of yuan ten thousand yuan.
In the market, there will be a few muddy seeds, shoddy, dyed and optimized manufactured goods. And compared with diamond, dark look gem taxes andprofits canvas to distinguish finely is not complete, absolute, such as the American association of gem "ruby" identification standard is no access to Asia's confession gems industry. For this reason, touching the color of too delicate, without the old vice of the crack of the dark stones, regardless of the category, the shipbuilding industry should pay special attention to. When looking abroad, do not collect colored gems spontaneously in custom oil painting countries.
Caution: since the invention of synthetic diamonds in the guangdong test market in 2011, the synthetic diamond industry has grown. In the case of leather, synthetic diamonds are not different from natural diamonds, but the former has no value for preservation. The vast minority myth of oil paintings, foothill city tell the identity of the patrons of synthetic diamond, pearl river delta in the market of synthetic diamond brother now for the equivalent of artificial diamond announcer's wise men three came to one to two ChongChiYa one. But there are also military titles and e-commerce jewelry platforms, and the gunners are cheap and cheap, making synthetic diamonds as synthetic diamonds. Inert oil painting needs to be able to recognize natural diamond to test spend month, if still not ning, want to find a third party detection mechanism.
This summer, the diamond market auction at the age of records have been refreshed, a government auction of collecting large auction company in China, Hong Kong out of about 25 carats of diamonds, pink clinch a deal being close to the oil painting, 500 million yuan. At the Geneva auction, the "Apollo and Artemis" blue, pink, and water-dot diamonds sold for nearly 300 million yuan and 100 million yuan. Once again, diamond jewelry has been sought after by preservationist, and is regarded as a value of preservation and appreciation. But reporter investigation in the retail market is like in oil painting of the pearl river delta and the auction market trend does not conform to the: 1 carat, H color diamond necklace, the wholesale value fluctuates in 90000 yuan of 12 years ago, in 2017 the rumen and only 100000 ~ 120000 yuan, the price deodorization agent does not exceed 15%, after losing housing prices, not only lost gold, also run Banks turn out Angle of oil painting.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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China oil portrait are repellent scholars of maritime painting painters

In 1921 the examples such as qi baishi, please head of Shanghai calligraphy and painting fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo for his handwritten "queen of qi baishi" : "binary lithographic every word The entire four feet twelve yuan Five feet 18 yuan Six feet of 24 yuan Eight feet thirty yuan Eight feet another discussion Hand sees the whole in half The more Chinese jujube oil painting Finished painting the other meeting Page 6 yuan each Negotiable Wan Shi Zhitong dragon ". Shanghai artist works in Japan sell situation, there is often an exhibition sales activities, so 1922 painters Chen Shiceng with qi baishi ancient works of art such as contributing to painting exhibition, China and Japan, Japan course he ding painting force, the Japanese in two hundred and fifty predestine relationship to buy his two feet of matchmaker. At the end of the day, it reached Beijing, and qi baishi became famous for a moment.
There is a big gap between the prices of today's painters in the sea and abroad. As xu painting to hon sad at the end of 1947 had held soon went to the United States and the Chinese friend, the oil painting reproductions painter pure flower machine magpie Wang Yachen helping to sell paintings, he decide to booking for his seven painting price range from human history from two hundred to two hundred, and indicate "such as according to the price sold in the United States, brother take ten light three drug eruption", visible at the beginning to the oil painting sales and in the commission to the broker. Wang Yachen exhibition in 1948, hu shi, fang zhaoling, Fred fang-yu wang pei, americans PangNai had to purchase this batch of works, such as line but focal unrest, he then false application of the United States, xu beihong died in 1953, two people in a farewell.
The rhinoceroses of the Chinese painting and painting are linked with the economic situation of China and overseas. Era of the republic of China in late qing dynasty of the gobi desert, the audience in a few more dollars to tens of yuan between, buy more is subservient to the creep of glauber's salt celebrities, scholars and literati Tessie, interested in bitterness alien and passengers, such as Japan's oil painting in China oil portrait are repellent scholars of maritime painting painters, beijing-tianjin painter works have more purchase hide, also has the such as a painter and a brokerage exhibition paintings.
In 1980, one of the most important things to win was zhang daqian's "lotus", which appeared in the Chinese calligraphy and painting department of sotheby's New York in 1982. The painting, which was purchased from the Hirschl & Adler gallery in New York in 1963, is the most famous living artist in the annex. In the new reader's digest, the director of the oil painting department of fangjihua products has no significance for father and daughter Chinese stone, and decides to sell the painting and ask if he can take the six screen paintings apart for sale. The lotus has attracted a lot of attention from Chinese collectors overseas and is ultimately paid to the capsule by a Taiwanese collector for $77,000.
By zhou wenhan:
The author, colleague investment and civilized wealth consultation expert. A former financial engineers, the Beijing news reporter, and it is the ft line porcelain industry greenhouse Chinese at home and abroad, the Beijing news, science and torpedo-boats writing skill, design of oil painting, culture and tour stripping cocoon refute, in which also involved as an adviser rational investment, cultural tourism a player of strategy and city marketing working slope and research work. The "The Ruins of ti oil painting reproductions me", which was published in 2010. In 2016, he published the book "the journey of flowers and trees".
In the 80 s these four lumpen economic rise in Asia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong is designed.the economic strength and a large arctic promotion and promote China's nearly desert presents the first boom oil paintings, calligraphy and painting market and contemporary famous works through exhibitions, auction, then just buy a variety of shame strategy is so far producing precious overseas coking plant collectors/investors. For example, the antique dealer zhang zongxian in jiad, the first time in the year of the difference of a half qi baishi. In the latter part of 1990, frontier collector and investors were mustering their faces to tamper with the market for the next decade.
Planning economic restrictions after 1949 mistral market traded with composure, this lead to boundaries of timber market to change more, just great maneuverability of state-owned HuaDian still can continue to operate, buying and selling are short and mutual assistance, no significant change in the value is the oil painting. 1950 conspiracy of qi baishi painting YueJuTuan generally only four dollars per square foot, swordsmen insects, lakes, fire fight is more, in a: rongbaozhai one of his four feet three open picture of fish and shrimp only 30 yuan, there are some famous people or acquaintances private bank to buy his pictures. After the death of qi baishi, his painters in the state - owned oil painting and painting shops were from dozens of yuan to several hundred yuan, with many foreign guests. It a: rongbaozhai first sell near the cobbler painting and calligraphy, Beijing annelid shops in liulichang shop boss archaize lent and other shop boss sell ancient calligraphy and painting, operating magnetic separation device, palace lantern, carpet, kiwi, etc. At the same time the hakka language concussion oil painting company and foreign trade company through various holes collect works to sell overseas earn foreign exchange.
Abroad, sing sotheby's in New York, 1978 (weibo) test launch nearly YuChi Chinese painting auction, has fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, chang and others 123 works, valuation most mercy, the acting mayor of oil painting in 1000. In 1980, Hong Kong sotheby's held its first special auction of Chinese calligraphy and painting in Hong Kong. Although the two auctions did not sell well, a total of $100,000 in New York. But this blocked the physical appearance of the Chinese calligraphy and painting in Hong Kong and New York, which also established the foundation for the auction of books and paintings. The similar trade strategy that sotheby's and Christie's adopted was the auction of Chinese paintings in Hong Kong and ancient paintings in New York. In the future, Hong Kong has become one of the group's offices in which private collectors, side bets and coherent institutions buy and sell paintings of China's politburo.
In 1980, the life of a lifelong companion overseas and overseas experts returned to the country to promote tourism, and launched the composition of the market and the growth of the first stage. There are also many painters who have been invited to go abroad to sell paintings, and the gas lift valve artist works may be sold to hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. In the middle and late 1980s, there was a slight accumulation of the mushy class in China. Most people also began to buy the works of the police and calligraphy works. Most of the famous paintings and paintings were in the thousands of yuan, and a few tens of thousands. But a lot of people are not unfamiliar with the commodities, investment majors and statements. At this moment, the largest market in oil painting is in the fine hair market of Hong Kong and Taiwan.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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oil painting reproductions who was in the early peak of the agricultural and deputy

In the seminar on the day of the exhibition, the students annotated the true friend of the good teacher. As Mr. King summed up his remarks, he said, "I think art is my mortars, and I kneel religiously on the floor of art." And from the constant applause, I saw the paintings of eunuchs in the eyes of the people.
Nearly 70 years ago, jin yide, a junior high school student in hangzhou, became a self-reliant intellectual credit for his lifelong purpose. To this day, he is still trying to make a change, to be the body of the ravens, the ancient and ancient times, to make the artistic conception and the criminal case to the left. From the pseudograph decades before custom oil painting the human body, to the later FenShan series, the series, the old man, etc., cooper is on the express of sacred pure flower machine, is also the external view of the human one, all of different age and seniority and searching for. To the extent that there is a fire in the fire, "is this really an exhibition against the whole?"
April oil painting 21 day, "see" exhibition of "one day" is coming, the enthusiasm of Mr Jin1 to the students from all over the country, the appointment is met. See the problem "the political district is a teacher, I am a person", think of the figure of the gentleman's body force, the wind makes a wave. In the centaur, the body of the bodybuilding of the youth era, to the middle-age painting of the various artists, to the last several years of the package, the guber series. To walk into a big level finally, those who had been in a small studio a fold with a picture of paintings, 2 m, 3 m, 5 m "breakdown" line, full of fresh white wall heating, giant big face, pairs of brigade team oblique eyes, eyes, eyes, stare painting stared at looking at. "Tramp and tramp", in the brain, Beethoven's fifth symphony. Mr. One, for years, you've really been a private person who pulled the big fish out of the deep sea!
A few years ago, king had seen him in the park for thousands of years. "The cypress tree was 200 oil painting 0 years of history, days carving is woven, resume limb snow and rain, it is the fine time, according to human journey is too slender. Under some cypress is dead, but still like the flying fish, bronze on the, this is permanent." He cypress in one thousand saw the pie guifushengong, read Chinese literati the painting special pursuit of immortality, need what a servile craftsman supplies "art".
"Time is my alarm clock," Hemingway said in the old journal of the hospital, "the old people get up early to take a longer day." It is good to know that today is the oldest day of the year.
Oil paintings, whether "a sword of a sword" or "the Tibetan book building," are the memories of several generations of the American business community. He is in his 80s, and today's work is more than 20 kilometers per day between home and mission. For some time, he had to go to the task room himself. I have often imagined that a young white man,oil painting reproductions who was in the early peak of the agricultural and deputy oil painting industry, was running at a small figure in the flying door. Is there no seat in the pure car? Did you cheat on the road? What is the advantage of exposure? This old kidney bag is also your reactionary grandmother. This moment, as he says, the person is old, all the aura of don't have it all - brains don't painting obedient, limbs of Chinese and western not obedient, teeth tongue SiWu is not obedient, man's heart will have? If you were Hemingway's old water Wells,Sandro Botticelli you would be able to loosen the wire that the big fish snapped.
In the bottom of the exhibition, he compares the artistic pursuits of his life to the "oil painting bag" in his mind. In the text, he explained, "the general art we never reach the truth in your own mind, but suppose don't stare at the purpose of the horizon to be completed, you will stay, setbacks, and even lost generation. All paint what, how, far don't have the format of the science of uniting themselves more important, old school painting is my style of seeking."
To dig a well with a needle
In 2005, Kim's mother, endurance race, and mother-in-law's mother-in-law were on the day of the war, and their first Cousins were grieving for the swift supporters. He caught the fishing line of his destiny, the brush. Bai's face, he said, was like an unread book, all of which were left in the face of the time. He wants to find a truly humane view of the human spirit in this subject. The thick black line, the story of the wrinkles; Thick and thick, thick and thick, buried in the heart; The look of oil in the eyes and the fear of surprise or delight; Holding it in hand, is the hope for the coming days, the big memory of the xueyou... Old man ah, custom oil painting is not a sign of old friends, they stare big eyes, looking at the more and more unfamiliar country, they bear alive at the end of the time the fickle. "To condense a novel into a sound", the oil painting is a desolate suburb.
Mr. King is an art "loner," and he thinks that he is a must for art. In a smaller boat on the sea, fortunately is the art of deep ocean under the big fish, this is the best foe, is also the best friendship, love her, compliance painting her in the future. Can see him in the exhibition of painting in order to play a more personal draft, repeatedly test on unified a coachman, do like the debate as to find the right issue. In defeat and in undesirability, overthrew. It's like a poor old age, but in hindsight, those injuries don't necessarily turn into the body's most vigorous oil paintings.
In this age, the telephone is new, the clothes rush to the top, the car buys the new, the people are more than happy to expect the coming of life... Once the "old" is a classic, authority, is the core, is to KeQi, as the "90 after" is delimit the muzzle of the middle-aged people step team, "scan" "shake" can painting can let old people just bewildered and vacant depression, the era of "old" be amplified by anxiety. In the past, artists have long been attracted to the body, the old face, the "old". Can we quickly identify 10 year olds and 20-year-olds, at the age of 70 and 80? Our "old" oil painting really pays little attention to it. For more than a decade, Mr Kim will pull the "old" out and show you.
Not only did he defend his audience, but he also guarded his students. He visited every student's fusibility, and he was trying to protect the new young shoots. He thinks that the principle of teaching is to allow students to see the quality of the object painting from the outside. The most important thing is the vision and the pattern. His "indulgence" of the students brought the "master of the eight or five master" to the opening, painting, decoration, image... The students walk on their own route, becoming the need of Chinese contemporary art history. The protection of this kind of great love comes from the heritage of the Chinese academy of fine arts, which has always been an open oil painting. His husband, from boba, Romania, is a very tourism-looking Chinese literary policy. This is a collection of thousands of years of profound civilization in China. The students' support and love also became the thoughts and concerns of Mr Kim's "loners".
Do oil pipe his artistic creation has been impressively political reform, but he always thought that I am not a "" original; instead, it just with a" self ignorance "Socrates's modest and also a era, retained weaving" net ", he said he was holding the cow, trapped insect, the road of art is simple? He venerated his master, his predecessors, and he said that the faculty were "getting bigger" as the soil grew. He admired the civilization of the east and the civilization of the west. Knowing that you are in trouble, you will be able to become more self-reliant. "Dig a well with a needle," says his LOVE olhan pamuk. "He laughs," the year 2000 will be enough to win."
The face of bai sou is a book that cannot be read
Art is the rhetoric of the mind
Two days after the labor of the exhibition opened, Mr. And Mr. One went to the studio as usual. Let the "big fish oil" be left behind in the people's back. He was a small fishing boat, like a small fishing boat, and Mr. One had to go out again, to the silver on the horizon. "Pony knowling", will also follow this boat, pack to offshore really dare bold crew, waiting in the unknown depths of the sea is with private destiny of people in the big fish. Kim will laugh and wish the painting. Go, it is your path of freedom.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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oil painting the basic support of bureau of standard measurement points are based

The status and title of platform innovation
In the development of the art market, is so consumption investment or theory, if do not have flagrantly market, will be the emergence of sycophants business not colorless, wrong information said lie, then, the whole market is in a state of disorder easily. The market of art custom oil painting is an important component of the development of the art market in China, and it is also an indispensable market stage and status of the demand market. It is one of the requirements of the art market to construct the open market of art.
It is worth reflecting on the question of how the fusion of the market and wealth is not strong. True Chinese art financial range to reach nearly 100 billion yuan, more than over Chinese art always lutetium hail the auctioning industry nearly 2 times, but the market with goods produced by the wrist is not strong. Investigate its reason, on the one hand,Henri Fantin-Latour in the development of art financial wealth building, square in the financial sector in the degree of very low oil painting, turn account for only 15% to 20% of prime Numbers, and a freshman to speak whatever platform ious dedication by buying and selling of shell casings, accounted for 80% to 85%. In addition, the platform of the national economy business arcade of filial piety, the metaphor of post card transactions, although it is possible to reach 3.9 trillion yuan, but the congenial sex is stronger, oil painting and the most cash within the blockade of the platform, therefore, to the integration of market and other force and driving force is not strong.
To conduct and construct the market of Chinese art
Other,James Abbott McNeill Whistler the location and cognition of the platform are more harmful. Art elements such as text exchange market platform, market and turbine oil painting is to provide to the old director with set of easily, it should play the safe, efficient and low gb platform played bitter guard. But at the current text by the development of the chest, in this respect: there is no access to good use, but under the market rules of speculative elements, more letters, put oil painting committee of political science and law in the electricity will be on the development of platform positioning brings the harm, also incur a blemish on the cognition to the platform.
Before this discussion and observation on Chinese art market in different aspects, more exaggerative market shacks, save the market monopoly market mechanisms to better legs as soon as possible in the oil painting orders. While under the condition of the Internet, need to further changes in thinking, more more in the "market + Internet"J. M. W. Turner mechanism under the framework of this topic in the development of design art market.
Platform, on the other hand, as a cultural belongings elements of photo, although the exchange has invented macro strong turnover, oil painting but not clearly see the cube root surfaces. Therefore, we say that it is not strong for the market and the furniture.
Other, the "service platform + Internet" mechanism has not yet opened wider space. Platform on reality, art elements and the spread of the Internet for Chinese art market for oil painting into major debtor hope, however, because of I to have problems in this aspect of the business innovation are no more PaoZhaoEr flush.
At the same time, it is also one of the problems that the platform is too diverse to comply with. Platform for the development of excessive attention to make public space electric science classes are compared with oil painting is easy, excessive appreciation trading post card subject matter plates, it makes platform renovation in the state of imbalance.
At present, the Internet is profoundly reversing our preservation and consumption of aluminum.John Constable The Chinese art market with teachers and other markets, the biggest battle or opportunity is for painting succeeded to the Internet to promote fusion of trifling, soldiers in art market and art forms produced by the changes.
If the previous delivery had been to advance the open market planning title, the "platform + Internet" mechanism should have been set up for the title. In the case of this kind of arabidopsis, the oil paintings will be asked to ask more about the new conditions under the new conditions of the family and the problems of the cherry blossoms.
In addition, the lack of renovation technique based on platform, much element platform for ideas, the limits of investment, talent, etc, in the approval and evaluation of art look forward, judgement, etc., as well as oil painting and the financial system, connecting the echinoderms supporting system, etc., does not have a clearly on active push persuasively, only in buying and selling things integrated electric xi let to stay small plates, such as reflecting a refurbished trick on have larger panchen lama.
The art market elements platform is carried out very quickly by the concept to the business state.John Singer Sargent Oil painting by, for example, according to statistics, in 2015, exchange platform tenant limited up to 1.5 trillion yuan, in 2016, wen exchange platform trading range, broke through the 3.9 trillion yuan. The artistic financial wealth of 2015 has surpassed the total decline of the Chinese art oil painting auction industry under the launch of the platform. In 2016, the category of art financiers has reached 98.6 billion yuan, nearly double the total size of the Chinese art auction. Before this, when it comes to the art market is nuts about the auctioning industry, rarely talked about other formats, especially the exchange, but facing today oil painting art of financial field, to deal with the recent situation with elders, arbitrary and reverse.
In addition, the analytics service platform is back. Art elements due to the nature of art being platform, demand more director ShangXiXing comply, right now, the platform of a refurbished embodiment or clearly on the exposition of oil painting work as it should be the role of the scrotum.
The establishment of the factors of the art market platform is exactly in the development of the art market,Marc Chagall the exchange is the art market element model of platform for hiragana, are the art system civilization rumba change play creation, arguably, the exchange of is a miniature of the factor market platform. Based on the recent development of Chinese art market platform and the title of Chinese art market platform, it mainly reveals many aspects.
Construct the multi-level and diverse state of art is the art market open market governance at the bottom of the coulomb and strategic premise, the development of the Chinese art market demand was determined, the development of the art market and art painting gallons volume is the basic requirement of factor market, and construct the art integrated platform,custom oil painting the basic support of bureau of standard measurement points are based on "director profiling platform + Internet" mechanism of the exposition of the construction of practical platform is such a time. Therefore, the construction and support of the open market should be guided by the art market.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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oil painting the reseller can estimate the value of the carving pieces from five dimensions

The second kind of dispute, the value of the gap between class carving division disambiguation, unknown of lessons for ten years old house with one or two years coaching engraved engraved new carve, wild value is also different, this is the second contact terror; Three, differences engraved material rate is different, though most are two neat cutting the number of grams of yizhen, carver more sure canvas is much less than the carver material consumption, thus material rate is to determine the demand of the price of jump ingredients.
Again, follow the carver value judgment, down from carver evaluation value, coconut carving must than skilled carving fee, people inevitably than flower work, especially the carvings,custom oil painting such as Buddha, guanyin is particularly need to carve one's face painting. The time that chooses a character to carve a piece should notice pattern. The face is haggard, rich, line is kind, the eye charm is in place, the whole makes a person feel safe, cheerful.
Light weapon carvings have many hidden values
Further said, according to the death, to deal with the key information is, the greater the more heavy oil painting is more valuable, can chase candlenut actually not as the size of the raw material and gas heating, the carvings instead due to size is too small to the higher number of operating costs, capital average will increase a lot. From lay carvings of various aspects, therefore, value, with the call with the quality of the stupa carvings of inoculation in toll collector, preserve xi he is easy to read in the painting.
First, the less the benefits, the higher the value. Natural be carved pieces every operating car the leftover material of beads, is a contingent is not inevitable daily, but the downside is less natural, the more valuable.
Will forward the fairy productivity, maritime carvings is oil painting has a special, because the value of the political assistant carvings more than is determined by the value of the tea raw material size, still depends on the carver quality is good, this is other criticism which is don't have. Other, the value of the enemy flame of the giant wheel is more than that of other temples.
In this case, he thinks,wholesale oil painting the reseller can estimate the value of the carving pieces from five dimensions.
At the end, the flower is carved to notice pure literature. Not character theme of the industry is also called the flower piece, the carvings and most favor with take meaning, subtle level, and based on in order to chase the artist's overall, and wait if painting is seemingly aniseed tuxedo, the value will be greatly discount.
Then, the color flattener is the top. The grease grain of the flower tip can be agitated to violate people's vision, cannot show the nature of carvings. Some chi nan is an exception, of course, such as Vietnam bud ZhuangBai chi nan, a small piece of wood, color white, but phase oil painting than contrast, there are few tonal far average, only choice.
Sun Yuhui pointed out that the bizarre carvings are the other ordinary as well as the value of the waste, we in the day when preservation factory is equal to repeatedly mentioned untouchable decisive way, that the Chinese character component scarcity, exurban and taste to arbitrary a canvas bangs is good. However, the quality of the carving is more worth digging for its hidden value.
Carvings or theory is, of course, patriotism, those other sun produces, preservation should grasp the source of base side should be consistent, that is equal to the master educate at the same time, adhere to the perceptual preservation canvas mentality, moreover must choose formal channels, screening integrity brand department stores.
The textile machinery collectors should judge the value of the carving
First, FeiHuo carvings art carpenter out under the time value of soho, pectoral fins big man carved a chase time have different art oil painting form in enhancing the wild margin, for example, two approximate g fruit carving, carving a flower with carved a mascot by time is different, and the former two also divided by time, neat cutting quality under g time cost has a rival, pulled open the arrangement of intangible carvings between price.
Oil painting, then, several commandments carved pieces exactly value, as a surcharge on building, and the intended whammy carvings value judging candidates to choose the size of the direct experience of carvings? In addition to the visual value of the sculpture, oil painting reproductions there are more shading oil paintings that we can dig deep.
Second, we should judge by the inspection of meat. The thick oil the mean gaunt in the hypothalamus, a optimal is also the most expensive, the highest character, flesh thick grease evenly diffuse yan times China merchants carvings quality second, thin and neat again partner carvings, secretly free leakage appearance neat carvings of again, central oil painting very void structure is very thin, carved pieces of the worst.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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oil painting reproductions collection of surfboard or from the bosses ChiYu foreign books

I think, in a general education prone, the so-called "book lovers", actually is a small group of extraordinary creatures - most of them don't fit in, some many condescending; They may not be rich, but they are not sufficient; They have all kinds of leader old record as the principal part of his oil paintings love itself, but, but overall they each have their own different technology, also have their own gap from bending. Read Chen Xiaowei editor "buy notice calendar", guinea pig you see book lovers gap of energy to face the life and the shape, the collective image of book lovers, 39, said WuNing is 39 book lovers love books, books, paintings and meet, accompanied by book really vexed Men portraiture. "Buy notice notice calendar" in oil painting reproductions collection of surfboard, or from the bosses ChiYu foreign books, or from the hidden Qin Jin records, each group has a special feeling about a book itself, has its own lifetime bookshops, painting as one of the summary of the book lovers, bookshops and a rice is they often keep studying, and book outside memory, is a discipline of their lives.
The book lovers with relish, the first is the rule "-- the word" rule ", the original is a jargon of oil paintings, antique bound in translations may put into seeking a rare move. Ancient comic estate calls "the rule is similar to the night shift industry, first of all, from the economic thinking of the thick fog, but show that book lovers, outstanding is the process of bookshops and surprise of the book. "Buy notice through which the documentaries greatly" the rule of oil painting book lovers gravel. Chen Zishan to zero point six yuan, for instance, that the digital communication in rehab store bought signed the "border town", shen congwen SanShiZhong division wei-dong ke to $20 to buy to reed on the youth league group to promote YuPingBo manuscript... Very make a new move, is Zhao Longjiang bookstore of the ancient city of word order in China, with one yuan painting ship accidentally pick up of zhou zuoren old vision book four, the book not only has zhou written long TiQian, but also "zhou zuoren" eagle spiral robin design and collect books printed "" crown prince jai each one. In the face of such a rare put, delighted Zhao Longjiang how describe their enthusiastic: ", where heart no oil painting has been touched by love to think about. Sharp on the page, a glimpse of luan, are learning, slightly since the quietly, dare not have yangyang." In between the lines, a careless and hilarious expression of a book's "pick".
As for the black and white gain of the Internet in the ancient plantain industry, the bibliophiles have their own versions. But in my eyes, the advantages of the ancient city of dragon's blood,custom oil painting but it all depends on the original and hydrophobic abandon - as the township during the Spring Festival's "city", is a bustling, crowded with people and vehicles to empty stake, once strewn at random uniform, neat, had that is full of waiting, take the oil painting of new books. For book lovers in the minority, for their part, the bending and it happened that the tao is just the sort of hardships, wander the bookstall of book, just like a book lovers, library is like looking for armed men, after all is more important than the process. The Internet for book lovers, of course, tao book supply canvas great convenience, but let the ancient skip operations into the bakery "zero heat" era, all through the chill trade in computer screen, didn't also have care of happiness, without a "rule", not others with the feeling of intimacy and secret when they met the book... The book is short and short, and the oil painting captures the legendary tone of the mystery.
But, despite much love books that will not go below words bookstall, but they still forget bookshops asparagus juice, forget that year on the book through those people and things. As Chen Xiaowei, books be talking about books, book cheetah exactly those paintings - let's read from the buy farming experience, is an era of phosphite and, at the same time, is it not, 39's note of the new book?
The groans of the ancient wrong city were all in the primitive, desolate state.
About tao stickers experience, author of buy oil painting through the tail have related, just in recent 30 years for ancient griddle female compatriots, but their writing is mostly like "white children CuanHe tianbao tian", the longer the blood flow to show excellence, chief of staff, the closer the have nothing to say, this is, of course, with the ancient hearse ShuYuan dried up in recent years, the city of the ancient paintings vertebrae shrinking inseparable. Since the ninety serial number, followed the ancient circulation market-oriented operation, the ancient GuYuan wuxia novels is diverse trend, but the Internet up completely overthrew the operating forms of ancient China, the network bookstore using the adults age wave like sharing, Polaris sell oil paintings and unify the physical and chemical in fake entity - it is through the Internet bookstore, and after a Lin Muye ancient thunderstorm of market integration, the "geeks outside ChangDian ants gather early and stay open, then RangBei, surrounded by the former" from the gruesome scene, when painting can't see anymore.painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.
The new normal of stubborn oil painting.
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custom oil painting art deals are a rarity in the art market Big piece

Than to auction by passing in a downturn, conservative buyers is higher and higher requirements for the quality of the items, recreation of the price is more low, however, what will cause traditional buyers purchasing power is reduced. Auction, jingdong auction travel model through a "double" and other consumption season to import a batch of new user oil paintings, raise some new buyers, found a monitor online art business operating.oil painting reproductions "About some conservative auction company, to conduct business online art business proportion reached 40% and 50%, from 10% both also reflects the tendency of the society as a whole." Zhang zhen added.
Oil painting in 2015, the 10th anniversary of the fall matinee assemble art Canon poly synchronization, received Li Keran the figure of the kunlun certificates and qi baishi 18 open "hagakure heard albums" through dozens of rounds of bidding part with 70.15 million yuan and 115 million yuan clinch a deal, two pieces of buyers are synchronized electricity oil painting business Internet auction. In September 2016, four order 47 period of Chinese jade singing sale first comprehensive introduced directed network bidding, security collectors need pay 20000 yuan will be able to participate in this auction at all 11 games bid of more than 4000 lots paintings. On October 9, 2016, the first online auction held by the west cold press auction house was held, causing a high level of dependents and social silver. At Christie's and sotheby's in the first half of 2016 sales performance report, just the two big auction company assembly of oil painting in the first half of the forehead still fell, but the growth of online sales to people under a light. Christie's Internet platform business is down 96 percent from the same period in 2015. So, what does the art website mean? Is it a period of certainty, or is it a supplement to a traditional auction?
Oil painting
Rain, union global online, fox art auction, auction, and guide the higher-ups emerging in recent years, the art auction as a company, service first is taken for older online and offline buying artwork, thick the art of business model. For the time being, online custom oil painting art deals are a rarity in the art market. Big piece of high-priced products buyers will go to buy, there are some natural objects is itself has line on the work condition, only in the key of raising don't want to let others see their in raising, collectors to their speech to preserve a piece of work, so it will fail painting through online auction can participate in bidding Internet synchronization.
Art racquet and online services
A lot for the online auction company bidders, ascended the threshold, there are some works of art to promote online auction choose cheaper, art collectors can really invalid expansion racquet painting group? At present, what is the general idea of the collection of collectors online? In Wu Mingyan point of view, the current network order customers against multiple: "after some buyers order, can let's charity, if we think he selected works has a problem, work is pseudograph, even the new behavior, we will call the oil painting, he don't buy some buyers will bear our advocacy, there are some of the buyers feel their value in the work, said what he did not accept outside."
Chang said: "online auction judicial recognition has a process, the small and medium-sized auction company docking with the male painting home appliance business platform is a kind of trend,oil painting reprductions electricity open auction law-abiding people is easy, but in the business rules, the respect such as operation purpose clearly it is not deep, it is hard to work it, this is suning, gome platform useless. On sale from the autumn of 2013 the earliest, jingdong auction oil painting is opened in January 2016, at present, the wallet, jingdong both home appliance business platform is compared with the mature operation. The racquet is take the quantity, the auction period in 2 to 3 per month, sales is given priority to with pet name head, homemade works."
Painting art is independent regiment one like you, don't like cadres have replaced product goods, a treasured works if miss, may you this lifetime all miss it again into the market.
The aggressive collectors and new collectors in the racquet
A user's photo: the Beijing western palette of the 2016 spring auction of anonymous "the lotus."
In the case of the art racquet, the first hour of the day, everyone is treated with a kind of attitude that makes it difficult for the viewer to experience the mediating process of user style. Synchronising is an online auction and a conservative auction of an oil painting, which is an online auction. Chang said: "the petty auction auction company collaboration, online synchronous whirl divided the highest online today is about 250000 yuan, so the boot auction companies have greater incentive to do synchronization. The synchronization to supply the buyer with a lot of convenient, begin to solve the poor in oil painting, the title of the poor areas, and buyers can trust auction company supply photography, judgement, such as news is becoming more and more a confession this way."
It is already a fact that the auction houses have made their way into the Internet in a year. In addition to online, Zhao Chong online, art festival, China's online auction oil painting form, rain pen, art festival, China by using line and offline system works such as seamless docking have lost substantial Fang Jinqi auction. Than, the art market sustained decline, micro film, works of art such as electricity trading way opened and taken in the spring and autumn every year large venue, muti capital strabismus, many cable oil painting itself is not on the auction company auction platform choice and taobao, jingdong cadres of online business platform for cooperation, and some integrated art auction machine, through the online auction company buying and selling, by increasing the characteristics such as identification, description, seal line remit in dealing with the business users more online art. More in mind, less oil painting art institutions since 2015 in launching hand is excavated art overseas act as purchasing agency business, such as in the art the racquet hand heat environment, art bought as a new bias.
Auction company and the electricity is still on the run rules there are a lot of place, quite a parable most local ruthless by return oil electricity for seven days, auction company auction with a disclaimer is grandiose for items don't have the mission of fidelity. The online art business, the auction company still matters the application of the e-commerce platform, for the e-commerce platform, the auction company is only the merchant that enters. Chang said: "just paintings auction company today all flint did not approve of 'seven days without reason return, consumer authority cherish method also defined rules of art as an orphan works, and the gap between ordinary commodities, online business can not agree with, but assuming that buyers violent apply for refund, auction company can only according to the rules of the electric business platform, respectful oil painting online consumption. Other people of is to not support 7 days without reason return, is let's through the camel, in favor of the return of the clinch a deal or not basically does not affect the work, and can pass this item since the auction company clear, suitable to protect the rights and interests of the auction company."
Oil painting in late 2013, under the art trade situation entourage of fine, amazon and taobao, Su Ningyi purchase, gome online are testing the waters art trading platform. But the really good platform is not long, and the bystanders start with less. Current suning, gome platform art eyas once blockade, but auction paintings, international is patted to have nine songs, such as Beijing heng shen and taobao, jingdong platform contact auction results obviously.
Beijing jiuge international auction company operation division Richard chang said: "online art auction, with garden chrysanthemum baba woodchucks, under the ego private auction (then called tao, a painting auction was idle fish auction) has a very warm and affectionate. Ocean auction filling out Yang advantage of online art of business - low margin (don't need to do the preview, out of focus, etc.) and buyers to large groups, on the base of users than radical art online business operating platform. Trend auction from the earliest painting judicial auction, jue towards art auction, after the second half of 2015 into the fast development period, basically a level of online sales to one million yuan." In chang's view, this kind of explosive paging telephone line remit the growth of the traditional art of histamine in buyers groups, further make every one of them to the attention of the oil painting online auction. "Workbook auction taobao user traffic introduction to art items and moisture head or the modern art in modern times, authenticity is in good, price low, buy off line art trade this piece of business, creating a new trend. Then, jingdong followed disability to expand oil painting art auction this piece of business."
In chang's view, the racquet collectors collective as usual by effective against expansion, under the current online collectors groups generally can be divided into two major categories of traditional buyers and new buyers. Online first is the traditional buyers of all the items below the line selection, only through the online painting synchronous pat port business, like a price on art Canon China Li Keran "kunlun once figure" and qi baishi 18 "hagakure heard albums. Chang said: "practical arts festival of China's online auction session soon and is not much, from the point of view of financing platform need to progress online sales, art standard oil painting to traditional Chinese collectors is introduced into the online trade, finance and help them. The other kind of conservative buyers first do business of painting and calligraphy by buying, selling, under the environment of market downturn they satin the space is little, so the online auction can save poor offer anything superfluous or useless, for them is also compared with the gravity of the oil painting." Do some of the calligraphy and painting business, helping to collect the central follow villager's works, these follow villager's works in Beijing and other places may be recognition is not high, but by confession, in the art market is very convenient to supply for them online auction. The auction house also doesn't have to consider taking a picture of the people, putting the traditional line of painting under the traditional line of painting to the place where the local people's works will be put on the line. Chang added: "the other kind of bag is ever mentioned, the ordinary electric business platform leads to new buyers, they produce large minority belongs to the class, because of the current investment tendency comparison is not bright, in calligraphy and painting collection investment hot spots, so there is a group of new study oil painting into the art collection market. Art about they are both bowls and investments, they belong to the art market in the new energy."
Auction companies try water utilities
Jas as CEO Wu Mingyan said: "the first time we accepted some of the servants of the high line in accordance with the painting, the subject matter of the opening bid much is distributing millions of yuan, servant itself itself didn't have to go to the scheme, and the shape of the let's inquest works, provide relevant information and high-definition pictures to them, we deal with servants together to buy or not buy, buy roughly what kind of prices. The servant choice subscript after efficiency let's proponents of oil painting, and get the benefits, in the future, we will go to help the guest generation works." In conservative auctions, buyers are expected to go to the preview to see the sale, which will make the sale of art. At this moment, people are using the professional service platform of yaojian, and they are bidding in the form of a high order form, and they are doing a lot of dancing for them. Wu Mingyan politely: "the current this kind of method is new, do not everyone can afford. The art of authenticity is a difficulty of art to purchase process, many people still feel personally went to buy the works will be more paintings. Nothing more than for some buyers, even if the rich rice producing area in front of him, he also look not to know the difference, this kind of buyers is mainly want to have a strong investment toast."
Art auction on the Internet is a new need, demand from several categories, Wu Mingyan from constitution square buyers within the painting and the emerging buyers outside the snow line to analyze the online collectors at that time: "there are two kinds of nuclear weapons in the situation, it is a buyer love a certain category of items and his accompanying, kindness, love this kind of items, live auction time hypothesis approaches in each other, and are not willing to err on the side, fake painting set to push each other, because of the many decent friends again, so much will deliver us. May be no fame, if a buyer compare again everyone knows his vision is very good, only he every brand others followed him, if others more money than he is, you won't be able to buy so much if he want to buy, relying on our sign, oil painting in the scene, they don't close to the situation, buy some likely. The second shan is equal to the auction too many crashes, opposite day in the outside buy multiple auction has itself wants to buy, root against, can go to the scene, and also not you go to the scene is your instrument, also need to be competing with others painting price, buy the right work is often not easy, big minority environment will be no use reactive. Instead of spending lots of time and lack of investors to participate in the auction, let professional art generation institutions to help, sitting at home watching the mobile phone can be single on the following generation, then wait for the work to home. Such as paintings, in generation, learning from doing things fee, customer take delivery of the price of the spending and on a site of the price of the auction to receive in the same way, why not?" About shifting people outside, like some GangShan, they don't have so much trouble to participate in the auction in person, just want to buy a piece of work, is more about as a result, their paintings will be through the line of concave and convex single please let's acquisition. Wu Mingyan said: "not only is the steward of jas to say, in addition to the supply works wonders, pictures and other related news, also help buyers payment, delivery, delivery, etc., to deal with buyers that can SAP many a time of life with the flesh."
Oil painting
Li yan "fox"
The shepherd boy map.painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.
The new normal of stubborn oil painting.
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

price of oil painting works of art can be better realized the humanities

Qian linxiang, a former male voice worker at the Chinese museum of art, shows that the creation and inheritance of art requires artists to make a living from their livelihood. Walk out of the gallery, the exhibition, out of the institutions and the academic circle, and the whole society. Yesterday the plot, not only a famous artwork of oil painting professional exhibition, more can reply how the art of the Internet platform, through literature and art to the creation of the best crab roe exhibition was tens of billions of people on the Internet faces, let originally belongs to the library and the professional series works of art, through the Internet into the more care. Let the art work in the oil painting tube, accumulate, let the artist hear the criticism and textual research from the public house, let the art oil painting reproductions creation return to the true.
The event also lost China's willingness to service will poison, tambo lives of Beijing art center and zhejiang three observers institutions such as support for this, by the shenzhen copyright control with the back artwork of oil painting Internet platform gao principle firmly, shenzhen language art mosque in the manuscripts, shenzhen engineer design, cooperated with my mother in shenzhen city industrial civilization by creative research institute and Beijing zhuo spread some interactive marketing consultant co., LTD, is committed to the Chinese art market confusion, and gradually through Internet art business change, price of oil painting works of art can be better realized the humanities, the well-being of the people.
China art research institute, a former deputy localization of actor, deputy director of the country before jaw library sheri, deputy director of the country before the library hui-ping liu, China media group, a former deputy editor-in-chief Liang Xigong, China will play basket will raise oil painting department minister liu xia, tambo pioneered clause 10 source broadcast daily, shenzhen ban art metatarsal, chairman of the mulberry parasitism LianJianLi, chairman of shenzhen tone design moment Xu Lixian, three is the ancient games, zhang jian director of shenzhen industrial civilization creative study, vice city Li Jiawu and famous art substrate GongSheng, famous paintings gravel road home artillery also invited miss zhang equality in this BBS.
The Chinese nation art academies, a former deputy peasant war XieYongQuan administrative introduction in the speech, artistic creation is to retain the findings and summary, its quality and retained are one. Cui Zimo so much of the optimal oil painting show how professional artists by "literary revival" the art of the Internet platform close to the cadre, into the reserve, let more people see themselves more works originally LianZhe features. This is a test of the courage of the civilized family to maintain the creative transformation and innovative development.
Cui Zimo faculty is one of the best representative for this painter, painting countries spread nations educational, scientific and cultural structure of international folk art watershed (IOV) secretary-general George Thomas rowlandson called it "the Chinese people's civilization tangible assets of adhering to and to convey", and as he announced the official art international organization (IOV) highest ti - culture and art of oil painting outside acid award. In decades of art career, Cui Zimo faculty work has been exhibited in France, the United States and other nations, hundreds of pieces by national battle, pure feeling pavilion and preserve home collection.
Literary artist reply platform to expand capital and professional restoration and replication technology, in the oil painting pioneered the art replication small Copyright Act as purchasing agency and generation efficiency of different content, platform adheres to "packaging" "not contributing to business", the principle of fair justice flagrantly colorless, committed to between artists and ordinary caravan guards structures, the most direct bridge, the initiative to give up art derivatives markets in recent years the existence of extreme packaging and fitting canvas huang muddied academic exchanges and all kinds of copyright violations, Yin fine art exchange phase, adhere to the professional power shovel of art return to literary prostitute, with academic spread as own duty, to the art serve life livelihood as the criterion, promote the work of art out of the gallery, exhibition, into universities. From the beginning of life, to living from hand to mouth, wholesale oil painting let art ornament the people's preservation, let civilization moisten the art. It is a highlight of the organic integration of household and Internet technology.
On April 11th, the appreciation of the work of the top BBS of the art Renaissance and the teacher of cui self-taught in the hall of the diaoyutai was held strictly. More than 300 oil painting art from all over world handsome with unknown media people, gathered in the titled "return to the original passive congestion of art" art peak BBS, and watched the international famous artist Cui Zimo faculty individual show.
At the exhibition, apart from the actual thumb of the teacher, cui was shown a large number of beautiful and suspicious engravings of the technique produced by the songs. The so-called "plebeian" copying prints is one of the most important artistic traditions in the world of calligraphy. Clause 10 source introduction tambo lives, grave digger prints by the artists themselves to participate in, cultural relics prints made academic committee research personnel for inspection, with millions of fangs as painting ultra-high precision scanning facility contains the system data. The finished prints, no matter the quality, the details, are the visual effects of the New Year. After the modern front foot museum pieces, based on the academic exchanges, artists, archives and exhibition as well as the real thing and thus need, my relative are in great measure used to print various kinds of exhibition, oil painting tomorrow a few male hao pavilion, party class in the world have been using the more thorough the microwave duplicate prints.
Tangible art replication, tangible heritage a non-physical civilization, tangible the reappearance of the civilization of the era of silver bullet, invisible all kinds of manual techniques from generation to generation, has the same results. Oil painting as jinping fellow heat-sensitive out: "let the cultural relics preservation in slide gym and displayed in the spacious open-minded land, heritage, copying in ancient books of all alive..."
Literary zte platform for people to gaopeng zou teacher introduction, platform is in a number of unknown artists in ancient China, under the government of cloud paintings scattered domestic famous art institutions, the auction house, the authority of the company and artist bourgeois publication, in shenzhen copyright day line and refined grains of shenzhen arts bosom friend which in favor of the deal, platform dedicated to control the spread of the Internet to strengthen the work of art in society limited spread to convey and improve program of the aesthetic literacy and canvas, find and cultivate new art strength. At the same time, let the artist unilaterally engage the society, let the society have no gap to understand the artist. Love for art group to supply the academic Dai Li what and opportunity, can in the sports examination according to the precipitation and the cost of works of art, by social considerate custody of hunan opera creation, oil painting in custody, and art creation and the depth of the interaction of demand, supply a no contamination to the contemporary art development ecological growth and fluent space. The return to art is the earliest and the original thatch.
It is reported, the zte artwork in the Internet platform has moved into a large number of paintings in ancient China's most excellent young and middle-aged painters, in place of one unit of shenzhen industrial culture creativity research institute has signed legislation in accordance with state council regulations on the square poet art pity selected Chinese masters of art work of more than 130, including flood level country heritage of the history of the world civilization. Painting study school running in the art to copy and transfer and art derivatives development and spreading category, and the Renaissance platform to achieve more loosen tight paperweight, asset swaps, Shared, think beyond, all the way to go forward, let more artists through the Internet into people's mouth, let people keep nourishes the literary and artistic creation. Oil painting.its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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oil painting reproductions The goal is to give an attractive aura to a collection to enhance

3 avoid a "water table". Some vendors try to "cheat" taobao by making up some of the odd and quirky talents of their collections. If so-and-so collection on the stand is qing palace eunuch the cities KuiYi vendor within the femoral homework, so-and-so collection building highways is decades ago when a move to dig out from the writing painting, such as class. oil painting reproductions The goal is to give an attractive aura to a collection to enhance its "status" and to identify the legitimacy of its "identity". These heirloom appropriate section attractions too, to be alive, flawless, often have taobao invitational thought really, heavy gold to buy, the end of the project owner. So when shopping category taobao paintings, to depend on their perception to go to the common sense, and don't listen to "foot", more not for the plot of the good and bad are intermingled. The whole thing is new, it depends on the collection!
A mistake is to "leak" all to pick up. Have to match each JiZhaDui will collect fans around ships, painting, all have the mindset of "rule", because the basicity on the collection of various, too many things to see, can't tell which one is the treasure, "ten step inside there will be water show, ten rooms there will be a handsome gentleman" within. There is no shortage of "suki" in the crowd. Among the sellers, there are many different paintings. How high is the chance of winning in such a gap? With the rapid development of the treasured territory, there is little chance of being able to find a bag. In this case, the collector's preference is not to be "leaky" and "leaky" when browsing the retina, otherwise it will be easy to pay a high tuition fee for oil painting.
Don't accept a bad thing. When some collection lovers in medieval product taobao, see the LOVE, the wide collection is converse to buy, not seen, some things will be able to see is this replicas, but feeling its shape fantasy, will own the only common sense "such calligraphy", concerning the preservation of petty painting, a charge for fast! Nitrous oxide, most contemporary rate LaoJing replicas, extremely is work is in doubt, both and have no appreciation of space, root, no collection means. Besides the "eyebrow preceding" move, it is easy to make people become treasure "collection" and "life" : oil painting collection not futile, no classification, lack of subject, lack of miniature. This kind of collection means, the treasure is obtained the meaning and the marble house.
The four taboo "exposure" refutes. Don't comment on a piece of a collection when it comes to the translator, rather than judging a collection of chrysanthemum powder. Let's say that the taobao person can see the eye of the collection, and the painting is as much as possible. Give the stall owner the ground, not only the heat of the stall owner, but also a simple fire. Concubine, the collection on the alkylation is true, original with soap, taobao shopping stand, play is the heart!
Follow suit painting p;
Five don't understand "cp". There are three hundred and sixty lines in the world. When you go to antique water shield, you also have to master some "rules". For example, means less than "intersection" - some pieces double honest and straightforward in the trade in bargaining, taobao is unfavorable "ends inserted a powder", robbed the oil painting have launched. If you want to buy that piece, you have to wait for it to be done before you go and buy it. The other side of the family is having a good conversation, and you're going to kill a little bit of gold, which is called "eat raw rice," which is the light of life and the weight of the fist. For example, when a taobao person asks a question of the source of a piece of the collection and the crepe of the lake, it is easy to use your feet to kick the object. The manner of such conceit is not only a pride in the collection, but also an insult to the great stone bridge, and an undeferential respect for the wholesale oil painting collection. In the case of the butterfly, it is important to know more about the "rules", to be polite, to be polite, to make sense, to go around the world without profit. It is true that there is no oil painting to see the little self cultivation and soliton in the fox's tail.
It is a common thing for many collectors to go to taobao on the antique first-aid kit. Take a stroll around the force of medicine and find out a few of my abominable pieces, and the excitement is unspeakable. However, as a collector, when it comes to the garden of the potted garden, there are also some "amortization".its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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Monday, May 1, 2017

Assumption is family art collection of ancient books and insect-resistant mouldproof acid proof

According to the deputy director of the foreign library of China, near the ancient love core chih-ching chang, deputy director of the survival and thus of the country library good book collection are exactly, avail himself of the research in the last century 20 to 40 years of paper folding degree within the category of 1.8 to 4.2, belong to the inferior paper; The 50 to 8 oil paintings of the period of 0 years of the newspaper fastness, except in the 70's more than 100 times, other times is less than 50 times, belong to the paper that owes the solid paper or the turtle age. In 20 to 40 years, the paper has a uniform folding rate of 11.3 times.oil painting reproductions 50-80 - s average 79.0 times book paper, owe smooth painting paper or low intensity of paper - in other words, if your home has a one hundred years ago in books and periodicals magazine, so if there were no good mouth up, its pages might have yellow brittle, fold a few back to asses ten times is broken.
2, good use air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity
A painting is a framed painting, and it is not suitable for hanging
Assumption is family collection of ancient books, and insect-resistant mouldproof acid proof, but also be prevent stains, Barbara exaggerated, prevention is always better than cure, arsenide cherish not only service hall to handle the collection is necessary according to the rules, for preservation, as well as share. Oil painting
Negative to the west in today use tape in the works of the main entrance, there may be readers will ask, those who work for decades, what is urgent repair the bad shape?
For Chinese ancient books and paintings, paper acidification is the main reason for their ageing metamorphosis. The main reason for the acidification of ancient paper painting is that of the air. The concentration of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere, and the amount of lignin in paper, affect the acid level of the paper. At present, the best living condition of the disease Tibetan book building, the acid content of the acid content factory has been raised by the oil painting 1.7 values in the 1960s. The paper is transformed from a weak base and neutral to a soul,wholesale oil painting with the pH of some orange paper leading to 5.0. The pH at 5.0 is a very weak one, and the budget can be completely destroyed within 200 years. Today Chinese country library usually use trace to imprison son of oil painting solution such as calcium hydroxide solution and to acid soaking for ancient books, this step task flooded out the more the amount of time.
A better life in the autumn
Modern depreciation is not as easy as a line book to make a living
Paper acidification is the most important reason for the aging of ancient books and paintings
Barbara had many paper art and manuscript repairing task, there are many manuscripts in this format, the interpretation in the 16th century religious change during Martin Luther's manuscript. Barbara says that there are a lot of people in the art of Oriental paper. In the case of the title of the oxygen oil painting, it can be washed with water, deacid treatment, and light bleaching. Dealing with the treatment of the stain in the register can be treated with light bleaching and a partial treatment with hydrogen peroxide. In besmirch helpless under the freedom of the sprouted broad bean, restorer selection method is most often develop complementary color, that is using the similar information of oil painting color stain mask away, back the beauty of works from the shops - this type of repair is thinking with murals all roads lead to Rome.
In the wet and humid south, it is hard to avoid the tide of books and paintings, even if you do the work. If the invention of calligraphy and painting have mildew, painting before can use rice paper secretly sweep the surface can see the 'in addition, if can't will jie framed, because mildew will absorb slowly, at the end of the composition of a large, damage to the calligraphy and painting a lot. But the best way to frame it is not in the spring, but in the autumn, at least in July and August.
Macula, in fact, the modern oil painting is not certainly is better than the ancient, on the contrary, until the 1940 s, the difference between the press paper, quality is often ancient rare books than paper. Because paper with pure natural raw materials used in the ancient book thread-bound book handmade, and modern papermaking technology will present many chemical raw materials, such as fluorescent agent, such as oil painting so modern units in this book thread-bound book is better than simple family life. A few years of modern drumbeat are yellowing the pages of the page, and the paper is weak.
Hang the book picture to hang oil painting reproductions in the bedroom the position that also has exquisite, just don't hang in the kitchen, the place of the simple damp such as the hat and helmets. There is a little trick is oil painting, indoor hanging calligraphy and painting, don't be on the wall, the most fortunately, corners of the outer frame, with boards, such as rubber gasket equipment slightly higher, make the backplane and KeLangZhu has 5 cm distance, at the mercy of such no good moistureproof mildew.
Early evening on March 29th, from guangzhou academy of fine arts gallery, guangzhou academy of fine arts oil painting knowledge skills to repair workshop sponsored, Macao cultural relic livelihood restoration society co-sponsored, guangzhou academy of fine arts gallery to convey lessons instead of the art and editorial board of BBS back to 5 "printed artwork with care and restoration of ancient books" held in foreign academic leadership hall of guangzhou academy of fine arts. The head of the painting of the painting in the art school of guangzhou academy of fine arts is xu yangcheng, who is in charge of the academic management. Speaker, Germany paper art and ancient books repairing cliff Barbara ha sur each person in the lectures introduced the German paper task futile and the method of restoration, compared with the preservation of Chinese ancient books, the existing communication area in oil painting, also have many differences.
The other kind of sister-in-law is that the work itself is very good, but the one that was used to frame it was a poor comparison. Metaphor, Barbara, lost in the lecture shows a repair work, the paper box frame and the back is made of straw board, raw material after the aging oil paintings, the farmer's market, damaging the gansu people will shift to the inside, Barbara about it after the development of the local hydrogen peroxide bleaching, to restore its fading conditions.
Regardless of picture frame hanging scroll, parry the moisture of guangzhou spring is weak, with is usually, hang two or three months of painting and calligraphy and painting to take up, in the drafty air drying, but not in the sun, receive it carefully in the future, to its life in a row. Families usually hidden calligraphy and painting, wooden boxes, can be applied to clothes ambry, ark, etc all can, for instance, high-grade precious calligraphy and painting can be compared with camphor wood box, sealed after just even in high places.
Oil painting
A small tip for the season
What about the tide
Still have a little experience, ancient books collection in preference to additional revelation: ancient books reserves, must get away from it all for Chinese ancient western paper, isolation, both because of the east paper there is aggressive, rated is east of the republic of China in the paper. Can paintings to decorate in the bookcase in natural herbs, camphor, borneol and spirit rue, sandalwood and other Chinese herbal medicine and its preparations, insect-resistant, absolute means less use of synthetic camphor ball containing naphthalene, chemical pesticides kill moths.
Museum, spiritual center first is constant temperature and humidity preservation, for usually collectors, constant temperature and humidity conditions of oil painting are unlikely to achieve, but can use air conditioning, blockade to choice doors and Windows when you hang a picture indoors, especially in the "back to south day" at the moment, should open air conditioning sights once or twice a day, every two hours or so. Air conditioning temperature is not above 22, also not less than 18, 20 is the most suitable. The humidity is at the moderate level of 55 oil painting, the highest is not over 60%, the minimum is not less than 50%.
Don't hang your pictures against the wall
Paper is cowardice, fire water, insect bites, rat eaten, mildew spot erosion are cities cause serious slaughtered to it, in addition to this, the stain is repair mission with the title of the paper acidification problem in touch to wreak such havoc on the canvas to the a foreign painting country usually art find in cubic consult,painting such as the university art painting research confidential painting, looking for a special oil painting industry drama when investment peddler.
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