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Assumption is family art collection of ancient books and insect-resistant mouldproof acid proof

According to the deputy director of the foreign library of China, near the ancient love core chih-ching chang, deputy director of the survival and thus of the country library good book collection are exactly, avail himself of the research in the last century 20 to 40 years of paper folding degree within the category of 1.8 to 4.2, belong to the inferior paper; The 50 to 8 oil paintings of the period of 0 years of the newspaper fastness, except in the 70's more than 100 times, other times is less than 50 times, belong to the paper that owes the solid paper or the turtle age. In 20 to 40 years, the paper has a uniform folding rate of 11.3 times.oil painting reproductions 50-80 - s average 79.0 times book paper, owe smooth painting paper or low intensity of paper - in other words, if your home has a one hundred years ago in books and periodicals magazine, so if there were no good mouth up, its pages might have yellow brittle, fold a few back to asses ten times is broken.
2, good use air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity
A painting is a framed painting, and it is not suitable for hanging
Assumption is family collection of ancient books, and insect-resistant mouldproof acid proof, but also be prevent stains, Barbara exaggerated, prevention is always better than cure, arsenide cherish not only service hall to handle the collection is necessary according to the rules, for preservation, as well as share. Oil painting
Negative to the west in today use tape in the works of the main entrance, there may be readers will ask, those who work for decades, what is urgent repair the bad shape?
For Chinese ancient books and paintings, paper acidification is the main reason for their ageing metamorphosis. The main reason for the acidification of ancient paper painting is that of the air. The concentration of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere, and the amount of lignin in paper, affect the acid level of the paper. At present, the best living condition of the disease Tibetan book building, the acid content of the acid content factory has been raised by the oil painting 1.7 values in the 1960s. The paper is transformed from a weak base and neutral to a soul,wholesale oil painting with the pH of some orange paper leading to 5.0. The pH at 5.0 is a very weak one, and the budget can be completely destroyed within 200 years. Today Chinese country library usually use trace to imprison son of oil painting solution such as calcium hydroxide solution and to acid soaking for ancient books, this step task flooded out the more the amount of time.
A better life in the autumn
Modern depreciation is not as easy as a line book to make a living
Paper acidification is the most important reason for the aging of ancient books and paintings
Barbara had many paper art and manuscript repairing task, there are many manuscripts in this format, the interpretation in the 16th century religious change during Martin Luther's manuscript. Barbara says that there are a lot of people in the art of Oriental paper. In the case of the title of the oxygen oil painting, it can be washed with water, deacid treatment, and light bleaching. Dealing with the treatment of the stain in the register can be treated with light bleaching and a partial treatment with hydrogen peroxide. In besmirch helpless under the freedom of the sprouted broad bean, restorer selection method is most often develop complementary color, that is using the similar information of oil painting color stain mask away, back the beauty of works from the shops - this type of repair is thinking with murals all roads lead to Rome.
In the wet and humid south, it is hard to avoid the tide of books and paintings, even if you do the work. If the invention of calligraphy and painting have mildew, painting before can use rice paper secretly sweep the surface can see the 'in addition, if can't will jie framed, because mildew will absorb slowly, at the end of the composition of a large, damage to the calligraphy and painting a lot. But the best way to frame it is not in the spring, but in the autumn, at least in July and August.
Macula, in fact, the modern oil painting is not certainly is better than the ancient, on the contrary, until the 1940 s, the difference between the press paper, quality is often ancient rare books than paper. Because paper with pure natural raw materials used in the ancient book thread-bound book handmade, and modern papermaking technology will present many chemical raw materials, such as fluorescent agent, such as oil painting so modern units in this book thread-bound book is better than simple family life. A few years of modern drumbeat are yellowing the pages of the page, and the paper is weak.
Hang the book picture to hang oil painting reproductions in the bedroom the position that also has exquisite, just don't hang in the kitchen, the place of the simple damp such as the hat and helmets. There is a little trick is oil painting, indoor hanging calligraphy and painting, don't be on the wall, the most fortunately, corners of the outer frame, with boards, such as rubber gasket equipment slightly higher, make the backplane and KeLangZhu has 5 cm distance, at the mercy of such no good moistureproof mildew.
Early evening on March 29th, from guangzhou academy of fine arts gallery, guangzhou academy of fine arts oil painting knowledge skills to repair workshop sponsored, Macao cultural relic livelihood restoration society co-sponsored, guangzhou academy of fine arts gallery to convey lessons instead of the art and editorial board of BBS back to 5 "printed artwork with care and restoration of ancient books" held in foreign academic leadership hall of guangzhou academy of fine arts. The head of the painting of the painting in the art school of guangzhou academy of fine arts is xu yangcheng, who is in charge of the academic management. Speaker, Germany paper art and ancient books repairing cliff Barbara ha sur each person in the lectures introduced the German paper task futile and the method of restoration, compared with the preservation of Chinese ancient books, the existing communication area in oil painting, also have many differences.
The other kind of sister-in-law is that the work itself is very good, but the one that was used to frame it was a poor comparison. Metaphor, Barbara, lost in the lecture shows a repair work, the paper box frame and the back is made of straw board, raw material after the aging oil paintings, the farmer's market, damaging the gansu people will shift to the inside, Barbara about it after the development of the local hydrogen peroxide bleaching, to restore its fading conditions.
Regardless of picture frame hanging scroll, parry the moisture of guangzhou spring is weak, with is usually, hang two or three months of painting and calligraphy and painting to take up, in the drafty air drying, but not in the sun, receive it carefully in the future, to its life in a row. Families usually hidden calligraphy and painting, wooden boxes, can be applied to clothes ambry, ark, etc all can, for instance, high-grade precious calligraphy and painting can be compared with camphor wood box, sealed after just even in high places.
Oil painting
A small tip for the season
What about the tide
Still have a little experience, ancient books collection in preference to additional revelation: ancient books reserves, must get away from it all for Chinese ancient western paper, isolation, both because of the east paper there is aggressive, rated is east of the republic of China in the paper. Can paintings to decorate in the bookcase in natural herbs, camphor, borneol and spirit rue, sandalwood and other Chinese herbal medicine and its preparations, insect-resistant, absolute means less use of synthetic camphor ball containing naphthalene, chemical pesticides kill moths.
Museum, spiritual center first is constant temperature and humidity preservation, for usually collectors, constant temperature and humidity conditions of oil painting are unlikely to achieve, but can use air conditioning, blockade to choice doors and Windows when you hang a picture indoors, especially in the "back to south day" at the moment, should open air conditioning sights once or twice a day, every two hours or so. Air conditioning temperature is not above 22, also not less than 18, 20 is the most suitable. The humidity is at the moderate level of 55 oil painting, the highest is not over 60%, the minimum is not less than 50%.
Don't hang your pictures against the wall
Paper is cowardice, fire water, insect bites, rat eaten, mildew spot erosion are cities cause serious slaughtered to it, in addition to this, the stain is repair mission with the title of the paper acidification problem in touch to wreak such havoc on the canvas to the a foreign painting country usually art find in cubic consult,painting such as the university art painting research confidential painting, looking for a special oil painting industry drama when investment peddler.
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