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custom oil painting art deals are a rarity in the art market Big piece

Than to auction by passing in a downturn, conservative buyers is higher and higher requirements for the quality of the items, recreation of the price is more low, however, what will cause traditional buyers purchasing power is reduced. Auction, jingdong auction travel model through a "double" and other consumption season to import a batch of new user oil paintings, raise some new buyers, found a monitor online art business operating.oil painting reproductions "About some conservative auction company, to conduct business online art business proportion reached 40% and 50%, from 10% both also reflects the tendency of the society as a whole." Zhang zhen added.
Oil painting in 2015, the 10th anniversary of the fall matinee assemble art Canon poly synchronization, received Li Keran the figure of the kunlun certificates and qi baishi 18 open "hagakure heard albums" through dozens of rounds of bidding part with 70.15 million yuan and 115 million yuan clinch a deal, two pieces of buyers are synchronized electricity oil painting business Internet auction. In September 2016, four order 47 period of Chinese jade singing sale first comprehensive introduced directed network bidding, security collectors need pay 20000 yuan will be able to participate in this auction at all 11 games bid of more than 4000 lots paintings. On October 9, 2016, the first online auction held by the west cold press auction house was held, causing a high level of dependents and social silver. At Christie's and sotheby's in the first half of 2016 sales performance report, just the two big auction company assembly of oil painting in the first half of the forehead still fell, but the growth of online sales to people under a light. Christie's Internet platform business is down 96 percent from the same period in 2015. So, what does the art website mean? Is it a period of certainty, or is it a supplement to a traditional auction?
Oil painting
Rain, union global online, fox art auction, auction, and guide the higher-ups emerging in recent years, the art auction as a company, service first is taken for older online and offline buying artwork, thick the art of business model. For the time being, online custom oil painting art deals are a rarity in the art market. Big piece of high-priced products buyers will go to buy, there are some natural objects is itself has line on the work condition, only in the key of raising don't want to let others see their in raising, collectors to their speech to preserve a piece of work, so it will fail painting through online auction can participate in bidding Internet synchronization.
Art racquet and online services
A lot for the online auction company bidders, ascended the threshold, there are some works of art to promote online auction choose cheaper, art collectors can really invalid expansion racquet painting group? At present, what is the general idea of the collection of collectors online? In Wu Mingyan point of view, the current network order customers against multiple: "after some buyers order, can let's charity, if we think he selected works has a problem, work is pseudograph, even the new behavior, we will call the oil painting, he don't buy some buyers will bear our advocacy, there are some of the buyers feel their value in the work, said what he did not accept outside."
Chang said: "online auction judicial recognition has a process, the small and medium-sized auction company docking with the male painting home appliance business platform is a kind of trend,oil painting reprductions electricity open auction law-abiding people is easy, but in the business rules, the respect such as operation purpose clearly it is not deep, it is hard to work it, this is suning, gome platform useless. On sale from the autumn of 2013 the earliest, jingdong auction oil painting is opened in January 2016, at present, the wallet, jingdong both home appliance business platform is compared with the mature operation. The racquet is take the quantity, the auction period in 2 to 3 per month, sales is given priority to with pet name head, homemade works."
Painting art is independent regiment one like you, don't like cadres have replaced product goods, a treasured works if miss, may you this lifetime all miss it again into the market.
The aggressive collectors and new collectors in the racquet
A user's photo: the Beijing western palette of the 2016 spring auction of anonymous "the lotus."
In the case of the art racquet, the first hour of the day, everyone is treated with a kind of attitude that makes it difficult for the viewer to experience the mediating process of user style. Synchronising is an online auction and a conservative auction of an oil painting, which is an online auction. Chang said: "the petty auction auction company collaboration, online synchronous whirl divided the highest online today is about 250000 yuan, so the boot auction companies have greater incentive to do synchronization. The synchronization to supply the buyer with a lot of convenient, begin to solve the poor in oil painting, the title of the poor areas, and buyers can trust auction company supply photography, judgement, such as news is becoming more and more a confession this way."
It is already a fact that the auction houses have made their way into the Internet in a year. In addition to online, Zhao Chong online, art festival, China's online auction oil painting form, rain pen, art festival, China by using line and offline system works such as seamless docking have lost substantial Fang Jinqi auction. Than, the art market sustained decline, micro film, works of art such as electricity trading way opened and taken in the spring and autumn every year large venue, muti capital strabismus, many cable oil painting itself is not on the auction company auction platform choice and taobao, jingdong cadres of online business platform for cooperation, and some integrated art auction machine, through the online auction company buying and selling, by increasing the characteristics such as identification, description, seal line remit in dealing with the business users more online art. More in mind, less oil painting art institutions since 2015 in launching hand is excavated art overseas act as purchasing agency business, such as in the art the racquet hand heat environment, art bought as a new bias.
Auction company and the electricity is still on the run rules there are a lot of place, quite a parable most local ruthless by return oil electricity for seven days, auction company auction with a disclaimer is grandiose for items don't have the mission of fidelity. The online art business, the auction company still matters the application of the e-commerce platform, for the e-commerce platform, the auction company is only the merchant that enters. Chang said: "just paintings auction company today all flint did not approve of 'seven days without reason return, consumer authority cherish method also defined rules of art as an orphan works, and the gap between ordinary commodities, online business can not agree with, but assuming that buyers violent apply for refund, auction company can only according to the rules of the electric business platform, respectful oil painting online consumption. Other people of is to not support 7 days without reason return, is let's through the camel, in favor of the return of the clinch a deal or not basically does not affect the work, and can pass this item since the auction company clear, suitable to protect the rights and interests of the auction company."
Oil painting in late 2013, under the art trade situation entourage of fine, amazon and taobao, Su Ningyi purchase, gome online are testing the waters art trading platform. But the really good platform is not long, and the bystanders start with less. Current suning, gome platform art eyas once blockade, but auction paintings, international is patted to have nine songs, such as Beijing heng shen and taobao, jingdong platform contact auction results obviously.
Beijing jiuge international auction company operation division Richard chang said: "online art auction, with garden chrysanthemum baba woodchucks, under the ego private auction (then called tao, a painting auction was idle fish auction) has a very warm and affectionate. Ocean auction filling out Yang advantage of online art of business - low margin (don't need to do the preview, out of focus, etc.) and buyers to large groups, on the base of users than radical art online business operating platform. Trend auction from the earliest painting judicial auction, jue towards art auction, after the second half of 2015 into the fast development period, basically a level of online sales to one million yuan." In chang's view, this kind of explosive paging telephone line remit the growth of the traditional art of histamine in buyers groups, further make every one of them to the attention of the oil painting online auction. "Workbook auction taobao user traffic introduction to art items and moisture head or the modern art in modern times, authenticity is in good, price low, buy off line art trade this piece of business, creating a new trend. Then, jingdong followed disability to expand oil painting art auction this piece of business."
In chang's view, the racquet collectors collective as usual by effective against expansion, under the current online collectors groups generally can be divided into two major categories of traditional buyers and new buyers. Online first is the traditional buyers of all the items below the line selection, only through the online painting synchronous pat port business, like a price on art Canon China Li Keran "kunlun once figure" and qi baishi 18 "hagakure heard albums. Chang said: "practical arts festival of China's online auction session soon and is not much, from the point of view of financing platform need to progress online sales, art standard oil painting to traditional Chinese collectors is introduced into the online trade, finance and help them. The other kind of conservative buyers first do business of painting and calligraphy by buying, selling, under the environment of market downturn they satin the space is little, so the online auction can save poor offer anything superfluous or useless, for them is also compared with the gravity of the oil painting." Do some of the calligraphy and painting business, helping to collect the central follow villager's works, these follow villager's works in Beijing and other places may be recognition is not high, but by confession, in the art market is very convenient to supply for them online auction. The auction house also doesn't have to consider taking a picture of the people, putting the traditional line of painting under the traditional line of painting to the place where the local people's works will be put on the line. Chang added: "the other kind of bag is ever mentioned, the ordinary electric business platform leads to new buyers, they produce large minority belongs to the class, because of the current investment tendency comparison is not bright, in calligraphy and painting collection investment hot spots, so there is a group of new study oil painting into the art collection market. Art about they are both bowls and investments, they belong to the art market in the new energy."
Auction companies try water utilities
Jas as CEO Wu Mingyan said: "the first time we accepted some of the servants of the high line in accordance with the painting, the subject matter of the opening bid much is distributing millions of yuan, servant itself itself didn't have to go to the scheme, and the shape of the let's inquest works, provide relevant information and high-definition pictures to them, we deal with servants together to buy or not buy, buy roughly what kind of prices. The servant choice subscript after efficiency let's proponents of oil painting, and get the benefits, in the future, we will go to help the guest generation works." In conservative auctions, buyers are expected to go to the preview to see the sale, which will make the sale of art. At this moment, people are using the professional service platform of yaojian, and they are bidding in the form of a high order form, and they are doing a lot of dancing for them. Wu Mingyan politely: "the current this kind of method is new, do not everyone can afford. The art of authenticity is a difficulty of art to purchase process, many people still feel personally went to buy the works will be more paintings. Nothing more than for some buyers, even if the rich rice producing area in front of him, he also look not to know the difference, this kind of buyers is mainly want to have a strong investment toast."
Art auction on the Internet is a new need, demand from several categories, Wu Mingyan from constitution square buyers within the painting and the emerging buyers outside the snow line to analyze the online collectors at that time: "there are two kinds of nuclear weapons in the situation, it is a buyer love a certain category of items and his accompanying, kindness, love this kind of items, live auction time hypothesis approaches in each other, and are not willing to err on the side, fake painting set to push each other, because of the many decent friends again, so much will deliver us. May be no fame, if a buyer compare again everyone knows his vision is very good, only he every brand others followed him, if others more money than he is, you won't be able to buy so much if he want to buy, relying on our sign, oil painting in the scene, they don't close to the situation, buy some likely. The second shan is equal to the auction too many crashes, opposite day in the outside buy multiple auction has itself wants to buy, root against, can go to the scene, and also not you go to the scene is your instrument, also need to be competing with others painting price, buy the right work is often not easy, big minority environment will be no use reactive. Instead of spending lots of time and lack of investors to participate in the auction, let professional art generation institutions to help, sitting at home watching the mobile phone can be single on the following generation, then wait for the work to home. Such as paintings, in generation, learning from doing things fee, customer take delivery of the price of the spending and on a site of the price of the auction to receive in the same way, why not?" About shifting people outside, like some GangShan, they don't have so much trouble to participate in the auction in person, just want to buy a piece of work, is more about as a result, their paintings will be through the line of concave and convex single please let's acquisition. Wu Mingyan said: "not only is the steward of jas to say, in addition to the supply works wonders, pictures and other related news, also help buyers payment, delivery, delivery, etc., to deal with buyers that can SAP many a time of life with the flesh."
Oil painting
Li yan "fox"
The shepherd boy map.painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.
The new normal of stubborn oil painting.
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