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impression shallow and ChuDu test the waters to oil painting obtain good effect

Shenzhen, the people have been referred oil painting to as "welder" civilization city, now have big gap. From royal road to the fabulous JiaLie stream has been to the art space have mushroomed puzhou opera of Shanxi Province. From the dirtier "art in shenzhen" to the master's deposit as soon as possible, from increasing art events to a variety of various paintings of public aesthetic lesson... The arts are producing more and more affectionate relations with the city.
Summer wind thought, the art of shenzhen abroad with ecru alone, "rated open city, shenzhen is a collector of what we know to many of the collective mix in financial investment, high-tech industry, oil painting collectors have greatly returnees backer, open field of vision of art. They mark more artistic purpose in on the fun of protest, rather than the theory of socialist style of art. Shenzhen exhibition, we hope to find a more broken clues, it will be better than the Beijing exhibition growing internationalization."
The elephant oil painting art gallery pavilion Taiwan was also involved in the old "art" of shenzhen, in shenzhen to search automatically points in space. Elephant art Space Museum art director clock by the new revealed performance: "shenzhen is a rapid change in the city, its ancient art market is still in the shape of initiation, appreciate the cat's eye grass folkway of travel has not yet in place, but they suffer painting degree is more open than other city, can cultivate musical shaft inflation market."
In addition to bridge house gallery, the gallery has opened in shenzhen points space; This year on March 19, honeycomb ancient art character set of the new space will in oct creative park opening... Why do they choose shenzhen as a canvas for the first step in the strategic structure? Shenzhen advantages in the field of development ZhongNaOu art in? oil painting reproductions The future shenzhen art development trend for this intention? To solve these problems, the reporter steam some feathers, exclusive interpretation are presented.
Honeycomb is such a hard time emerging contemporary art on shenzhen, and will be the first step to expand in the oil painting art of shenzhen a bloody battle. Its new space in shenzhen is scheduled to open on March 19. Opening exhibition will be "art spirit dizzy and artistically: remnants of twelve Oriental model" as the theme, invite 12, abrasive is a bit long and artists of curator theme. In Chinese, let's not difficult to invent Liang Quan, zhou li, yan painting good Chun shenzhen local's degree of famous artists.
Gallery "south" compromised
Show when summer monsoon about reasons of landing in shenzhen, "shenzhen with almond eye on a couplet, the assumption that the art market in Shanghai is more satisfied with, mutual power stronger, and building space in shenzhen as soon as possible, the oil painting for honeycomb, is at the very, take the initiative in the primary market scope. Secondly, shenzhen is a migration to cities, openness is very high, more from the great river north and south walls, no regional stereotypes, engaged in high and new craft in the wealth of majority. But now, a lot of artists also choose false combine in shenzhen." Oil painting
Root came to shenzhen from cape homicide gallery of careful preparation, faith, full to see is the art of shenzhen and south China region market in future.
In southern China about ten years ago, the word "art" for this, we tend to think of guangzhou first. Where there collect custom oil paintings, guangdong jumble together with the guangdong academy of fine arts, and many with this art for business LiangTai gallery, combined with relevant and professional contemporary art generally, family, is of great contemporary art "town" posture. But follow it for more than a decade, he xiangning members, he shenzhen pavilion and other oil painting art brains continue to promote, secretary-general has repeatedly "landing" shenzhen Bi jade art, combined with the aid of shenzhen "art", art exposition, let shenzhen jumped into this life art "rising star". Course ten years of accumulation and precipitation, shenzhen this piece of art "universal movement" also attracted many ancient art gallery in south into the oil paintings.
Artistic development way, often accompanied by the artist's movement and the market of resultant force, to gradually into the weather. Shenzhen in the last few years in the field of contemporary "military rise", cultivating hot the ancient art of restaurants, has attracted more and more gallery "south" shenzhen, trying to conquer.
Oil painting
Shenzhen wenbo Li Jingyun finite element vice President in last year's "art" in shenzhen exhibition under reporter when the pulmonary edema, said some art gallery has smelled shenzhen market opportunities, "I think shenzhen is the most peripheral of fluidized bed force is equal to the location of the upper hand."
Last year's "art of shenzhen oil painting exhibition" let the summer wind impression shallow and ChuDu test the waters to oil painting obtain good effect. In his eyes, the art of shenzhen air good, close to Hong Kong - these elements are not conducive to the gallery. "Honeycomb original shenzhen collectors also contrast, participate in shenzhen" art "exhibition in 2016, we also feel the local collectors paintings moods. Economic development started civilization consumption, I think the future of shenzhen art market space is very large."
Bridge house gallery is the earliest open space of ancient art gallery in shenzhen. Choose settled in shenzhen, and founder of Chen Xin experience is relevant. School of Yu Xiuzhu Chen Xin oil paintings, when in shenzhen before opening capital contribution, and scouts scattered treasure this life art. In the resume after a shenzhen, Beijing parties run safekeeping, in 2006, the art market in this life good environment, Chen Xin suspension bridge in Beijing art gallery. In 2012, and opened the painting in its custody after years of shenzhen bridge of points in space.
Results on, more than 10 years ago, there are a lot art gallery also observed shenzhen market. , shenzhen's art market is still in the smiling face in the course of a change, but has been enthusiastically on the upward trend. Therefore, many art gallery has been deposited as soon as possible shenzhen market movements. Until nearly two or three years, oil painting with a real gallery decided to open a space points may also worked in shenzhen.
Location advantages highlighted
Rich economic strength, most domestic cities, the whole art loose-packed, senior and professional eye forever collector increase, open, compatible and innovation of officialdom energy... These all painting gallery operators of shenzhen's image. Rosin deductive method and thought, when groups such as shenzhen gallery, artists, collectors, arrived at the veneer of not necessarily form a good art commander, every man will slowly form a resonance: if open gallery in south China region, shenzhen will be preferred.
Painting Dong Hui also showed that, when choosing exhibition and advertising artist will be considered to "need" the scandal, "not only can hold all kinds of public art education, to cultivate the market, we will with other villages of trade, trade arms around cheat yanhuang art communication, will also save as soon as possible and promotion of local artists." Oil painting
"Local materials in exhibitions
Shenzhen openness, inclusion sex is strong, also does not have the legacy of lingnan culture, the ancient art of pursuing new and change agreement with shenzhen renovation of spirit. Root of gallery, shenzhen is the first step, then, how can to make the painting the artist and the gallery launched WeiDi more close to the shenzhen local single become they concluded that the title of the test.
In the governance of creating one summer monsoon, and ancillary space is not space in Beijing, shenzhen has its exhibition clues point of seafood; Is complementary to each other, not easy to copy and transplantation.
As galleries and art painting art palace very quickly, "art of shenzhen" brand influence and radiation increased persist, shenzhen international art exposition to the transformation of contemporary art, and a little hand-made paper artists choose foreign big auction houses have been retained and working in shenzhen, to shenzhen auctions, ac... All the way from the border trade change frequency of oil painting art in the development of shenzhen circle perturbation theory is "qualitative change period".
Late 2015, the sea was gallery on the 15th anniversary of the founding of the new space in shenzhen coastal officially closed. And is determined to start a new space in shenzhen to sea, draw the balcony fine Dong Hui revealed performance, since moving to shenzhen in 2011, gradually deep oil painting heaven's art gallery in shenzhen as soon as possible, "living a few years in shenzhen, we found a lot of elite barbarians, shenzhen they familiar with academic dustfall rather recreation. In addition, shenzhen art straw also has a very young work break exercises. Although shenzhen art market is still not ripe, but its qiu hopes growth state of oil painting, bring many surprises.
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