Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3000 pieces of art oil painting treasures, full of beautiful things in eyes

Tokyo central auction will on solstice 25 February 2017 on March 2, in spring auction held in Tokyo dome hotel, will present "HuaQiRui - Chinese art evening", "egl hidden Jane - famous inkstone ink art collection designed" field, "the ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy", "Chinese contemporary painting", "special ancient rare books", "a period for a while, listen to the tea liquor," "four four spectrum", "antique collection", "one hundred collection" and "JiaCu bunch" 10, nearly 3000 pieces of art oil painting treasures, full of beautiful things in eyes.
Tokyo central Chinese art evening sale, in the past years are eagerly awaited by collectors. The specially on a series of ancient and modern spread orderly masters paintings and drive makes porcelain in the Ming and qing dynasties, precious. In addition, the central Tokyo authorized by a Japanese art gallery, will be released in the spring and forward over the Ming and qing dynasties famous ink inkstone, collectors around will cause a warm response.
The auction of the item HuaQiRui -- Chinese art evening "collect all kinds of exclusivity treasures, colorful. custom oil painting Including huang the khe sanh lie swim four screen's most high-profile, its original from Taiwan important art gallery. Draw a set of four landscape painting, with a strange mountain water, cloud and mist floating during which reveal elegant leisure brush. Landscape between distinct, shades of ink and brushwork, embodies superb painting painters, very rare.
And forward the hidden Jane - special famous inkstone ink art collection "to launch the qing emperor kangxi in the drive makes pine marble search form people inkstone is choice pine marble along songhua river system. Stone, green horizontal stripes repeatedly, such as water in the microwave, QingYang but go to. Inkstone as a search form, along the lines around slightly uplift, wai for the ink don, dig the inkwell, line is fluent, of primitive simplicity and dignified. With the whole digging rosewood YanHe externally in black paint, embedded in engraved look Bai Yufeng lines, when doing the high-quality goods for palace built office premises, after buy oil painting three hundred years as a new thing, it is rare.
In addition, the qing emperor qianlong drive raises a gender temple treasure filled with exotic fong kuo for ink rectangle, water chestnut upright and outspoken, floating dragon playing pearl grain, above the waves, the colour ssangyong leaning Angle relative to act the role of flame is dragon ball around in the middle. Wavy lines on the back floating carved nationalities "fong kuo" 2 words, there are 9 idea of colour. Ink quality is exquisite, modelling neat and novel, stately. Otherwise lines smooth, like a sea, dense and not numerous, is the model of imperial palace of the ink, in the office for the created high-quality goods imperial ink.
"Antique collection" special "qing qianlong year" qing qianlong blue tie up lotus flower grain gall bladder the shape of neat, elegant, perfect blue and white decorative glazing, tire body established to close. The whole machine to tie up branch lotus lines as the main body, mouth along the water lines, sagging ruyi yuntou, shoulder ornament baroque volume grass grain, match well of Chinese and western, luxury flourishing beauty. Throughout most of the qing dynasty bravery type bottle, green design and color is still does not see more, such as the product of pure YaZhe, is hard to find.
vulture art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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