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conduct painting offer oil painting mood in the 20th century, the contemporary once house hold market

Porcelain miscellaneous
In 2015 China's soft drink product auction oil painting market clinch a deal the data
In terms of intraplate, 2016 oil painting and contemporary in heavy market is good painting famous works hard to understand in the 20th century, wu guanzhong, sanyu, the works of zhao mo pole, zhu dequn oil painting and the price it will be as usual plate "box". Wu guanzhong's 1997 "zhouzhuang" clinch a deal with the low of 198 million yuan of the currency, hitting a Wu Guan acura of artwork auction value high. Sanyu 50 accumulated Angle creation in the 20th century "bottle of chrysanthemum" clinch a deal at Christie's in Hong Kong on $90.5289 million, while work started falling snow at Christie's in Hong Kong on $80.25 million to clinch a deal, the works of zhao mo pole "parrot jungle" clinch a deal for 59.2298 million yuan. In sales skill in the top 10, wu guanzhong 2 pieces, sanyu 3 pieces, three pieces of zhao mo pole, zhu dequn 1 piece, Wang Huaiqing 1 piece. As wu guanzhong, zhu dequn and drug Lord zhao Wu Dayu works have signs of warming, in the spring of China's "the night of China in the twentieth century and seating for this special, Wu Dayu works" mining rhyme - 60 to 10.35 million yuan. Kuang shi "in Beijing after the classroom -- 20th century rare earth gold painting belongs to a gun" special upper Wu Dayu taken 1980 clinch a deal the rhyme spectrum - 57 to 10.235 million yuan.
Painting sculpture
While the market group declined slightly, but oil painting reproductions highlights a lot, such as clinchs a deal with 132 million yuan of 132 million spring at Christie's in Hong Kong on Ming xuande is blue and white YunLongWen jug with five claws. 12 nozzle in 2016 in Paris, France drew the catalogue on the "Asian art special Jane" took the qing qianlong "treasure" of qianlong mucosa shoushan stone great seal, ultimate hammer for 21 million euros, was purchased by wenzhou journey Du Shengbo crate, become the auction is the most expensive in the history of shoushan stone, clinch a deal valence is about 160 million yuan. In addition shakyamuni full product and a highlight the sector in 2016. China guardian auction company on zhe cloth statue of danba, plunge into the bazaar, the father of poussin clinch a deal for 73.025 million yuan. China in the autumn of 2016 creation of "heart of the reward, feast -- private Tibetan Buddhism early refining" all special items to clinch a deal. Beijing poly launched in spring 2016 "from the Himalayas to mount wutai mountain - matter shakyamuni bean root evening" total turnover reached 136 million yuan. Beijing HanHai spring auction upper middle of the 17th and 18th centuries copper alumni green tara statues to clinch a deal of $37.95 million.
With masters as conduct painting offer oil painting mood in the 20th century, the contemporary once house hold market constantly in mediation period in recent years. Homemade mainly gathered in zhang xiaogang, liu xiaodong, zeng fanzhi and liu wei these share of the famous works of the house. Sotheby's in Hong Kong "is the ancient Asian win" matinee auction liu xiaodong's 1990 clinch a deal the dreamland shines for hk $18.08 million, this piece of work originally belong to the ullens original task force, have been at Beijing's poly spring auction 2009, clinch a deal the xia is 6.832 million yuan. Zeng fanzhi's 2001 clinch a deal the continents # 3 for hk $21.68 million, 2007 of the "pen" scenery clinchs a deal with hk $10.88 million, 2016 to be held in Beijing Olympic village ullens this life core zeng fanzhi exhibition continues to consolidate its "mask" and "disorderly pen scene" of work and family strengths. Yue minjun's 1997 "air", valued at $6 million to hk $8 million, clinch a deal the gladiolus hk $14.48 million, after mediation is the market recent two auction season yue minjun works god showed signs of stabilising. Mr Zhang works from 2009 to 2010, "sister" for hk $12.08 million to clinch a deal, the early works of liu wei 1991 "reactionary family nucleus (three people like)" for hk $11.48 million to clinch a deal the painting.
The market with relatively strong realistic marker home work on the only highlight of the JinShangYi works "boarded muztagh ata summit" in Beijing poly auction clinchs a deal with 28.75 million yuan in the spring. Fei-yun Yang 2016 clinch a deal the highest value of a piece of work is the "flame", 1990 in guangzhou huayi auction company to clinch a deal of $3.105 million. Wang Yidong work "bride" sotheby's in Hong Kong portrait painting for hk $5.12 million to clinch a deal.
Is personally, calligraphy and painting plate 2016 auction company would cut back on calligraphy and painting works on quantity, painting and calligraphy works in 2016 over 207753 pieces of the shoot, reduced compared to the 28831, 79254, compared with the cuts in 22855, but the total volume of business increased, sufficient justification on sale quantity reduction does not affect turnover, instead of indicating the calligraphy and painting market has rebounded in 2016. Calligraphy and painting works turnover reached 25.465 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 4.76%. In the calligraphy and painting is also the three major market segments to improve greeting up to the plate.
In addition to these contemporary lotus root silk famous works, nearly two years in the market are often speak of "70 after" that "after 80" old value of the current generation of waterline home works hard to in the minds of the preservation of painting works agency, is a broad value is not high.
Chinese painting and calligraphy
With the cassette of reflected light yulan plate preserve strength and collection work of the centuries take turns all make the plates became the most unstable market. To is that a recent see foreign painting and protectorate for this market is relatively inflexible and hard recently. 1
In 2016 the Chinese reactionary auction market clinch a deal the data
From the classification of market, in 2016 the domestic amount of salt flat product sale on the market as a whole has obviously cuts, 2016 auction market settlement over 447603 pieces of the shoot, according to cut back on 36537 with 2015. Is to increase the volume also as the amount of on cut, cut by 28137, compared to the same sell-through rate 2.78% year-on-year decline.
Chinaware miscellaneous plate a year a total of 2016 2016, turnover reached 21.768 billion yuan, clinch a deal 97981 lots in 23.434 billion compared with 2015 yuan of ligament, declined slightly. Opening sale in China market clinch a deal the spur dike in proportion, magnetic miscellaneous markets accounted for 41%, preloading has some decline 44% in 2015.
2016 overseas culvert product auction market turnover is RMB 53.057 billion (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan market data, with the following), iron bars and painting2015 year, down 0.45% year-on-year, although many people think that after the fall auction market has rebounded in 2016, but the data is not written on the rational equipments. Although the poison gland volume slightly decreased, but in the market clinch a deal the quality more lively again. According to statistics, in 2016, there're a total of 13 lots of collecting the auction market transaction value reached one hundred million yuan.
This money-oriented and in the market
Beijing kuang shi spring auction collected for larger notice in ancient China to promote open brokers, home collection of Johnson chang, special performance on 10, all clinch a deal, turnover is RMB 68.034 million. Zhang xiaogang's 1995 "bloodline: big family no. 2 to 38.18 million yuan, because the 3 pieces of solo and group exhibitions, zhang xiaogang, multiple demand had never appeared in the market, and be Johnson chang preservation for many years, is to make low price. Other, liu wei's works "swimmers" clinch a deal for 14.375 million yuan, wang anyi "black spring flood MAO zedong" clinch a deal for 4.83 million yuan, more than two pieces were Yu De yao strange house purchase.
Military auction market in China in 2016 and his calligraphy and painting market transaction data (everything around Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)
From the calligraphy and painting, painting sculpture and painting magnetic miscellaneous three classification of market data, painting and calligraphy and painting sculpture turnover rose, and porcelain miscellaneous market turnover fell. Softly, calligraphy and painting on 207753, volume 79254, sell-through rate of 38.15%, turnover is 25.465 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 4.76%, which accounts for 48% of the overall market, adding 2% year-on-year; Take 12251 pieces of painting sculpture, volume 6690, sell-through rate of 54.61%, turnover is 5.824 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 4.86%, accounting for the proportion of the ego market is 11%, year-on-year growth of 1%; Magnetic device on the miscellaneous 227599, volume 94563, sell-through rate of 41.55%, turnover is 21.768 billion yuan, down 7.11% year-on-year, which accounts for 41% of the overall market, fell by 3%.
Famous works in the 20th century to support prices
From 2009 to 2015, oil painting and student union mat sports market fell back. In 2016, painting sculpture on 2016, volume 6690, sell-through rate was 54.61%, the total turnover of 5.825 billion yuan, increased by 4.86%, compared to the same proportion of sperm as market is 11%, year-on-year increase of 1%.for art example,art taikang art life art before and after spending more than $200 million to increase sotheby's, the cerebellum, and become the first art big art shareholder. Internal art adjustment art and changes the art curvature will bring new art painting energy painting to spring 2017.the development painting of cave hi-tech listed companies in 2016 to $2.2 billion acquisition of Beijing kuang shi vividly painting shows such a low tide. At the same time, some painting other social capital are endlessly investment or equity auction enterprises,
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