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galleries and not oil painting to be missed: Dag Modern, Dai Ichi Arts Ltd., FitzGerald

In addition the galleries and not oil painting to be missed: Dag Modern, Dai Ichi Arts Ltd., FitzGerald, Fine Arts, Robert Hall, Asian Art, Ltd paintings., HK Art Antiques LLC, Kang Collection Korean Art, Onishi Gallery, Erik Thomsen, and YEWN.
Joan B.M I painting rviss gallery will be displayed on the Asian art week titled "upstream of Japanese art permanent: 40 anniversary celebration" exhibition, ancient pottery as soon as possible, focus is on display Japan suzuki put to the supply line of sculpture was the master. Through the practice of unremitting, suzuki created a cure will square collection and embryo glaze of feldspar (a painting creamy white glaze color). His pottery to the wall is very thick, the firing time is long, the cooling process is slow, is can form a kind of very strange id and vitality. He fails necessity is rare in the market, in 1994, he became a glaze ceramic masters of the second national treasure.
C painting arole Davenport gallery in New York art week exceeded otherregions in exhibitions "timely", Then Now, this acquisition to Japanese sculptor hao in the lines of four pieces of food and clothing. HaoHang in the sculpture with its control to the operation of the shape precision and round in the name simple and crude, fu and the oil painting "in the soul, his sculpture opera with time, space, and motion in the universe. He recently Japan and Italy where mi square sculpture, get well a summons on multiple errata, and with Japan, China, South Korea, Germany and the United States of collectors.
Pace gallery will bring south Korean artist lee ufan oil painting exhibition "ceramics", this is the first time the artist with the art media DouFang held a solo exhibition. 50 years of career as a commercial artist, lee ufan creation in 2016 of "untitled" series shows his brush oil painting reproductions strokes that strong control force, in his illness was full of oil painting philosophy thinking about my stuff. This exhibition of sculpture, Nubian, painting and drawing, such as road signs from his in the memory of the guggenheim agricultural materials exhibition in 2008, he was at the palace of Versailles in 2014 solo exhibition, as well as other cutting cone exhibition.
Meditate on the hall gallery (Kaikodo) exhibition titled oil painting "Milky Way", which will display five contemporary gestation, three for radical printed ink taking photos of this two conditions. The deposit as soon as possible a ordnance is Chinese artists jian-wu luo 2013 raising of truss method etc, the plants and animals is arc shape Impressionism-(1860-1906) printed ink and growing point. Jian-wu luo today in Beijing, in honor of the declaration of oil paintings and ancient trees for their creation.
Two east this artist Roy Lichtenstein (Roy Lichtenstein) and Robert Lawson's (Robert Rauschenberg), they are all from China to further their studies in the arts, and the fixed number of year of the oil painting into his art of serving-men traitors.
Laurence Miller gallery will bring Japanese photo shibata sensitive male hair gel, he was in the central scroll shooting a witch urban roots lacquer painting and conservative Japanese garden phase contact, in the past 30 years, he devoted to oil painting in the domestic and day but look for equilibrium in the scene. He took a lot of DAMS, sluices in the solid state, such as wild roots water channel, set sail from Japan's unique Angle of view, the average becomes lyrical at ordinary times, steel and cement into the abstract.
Asia week in New York to wire line from all over the world the art of painting in suzhou, curators, artists and art enthusiasts to come. New York art week 2017 head Lark Mason said: "can perhaps, emergence, an annual arts festival we feel very proud. Rich Asia week in New York the lintel, civilization and brings a lot of national level of the oil painting state art exhibition, the exhibition of the space can span the on-the-job what a top formulation."
New York Asian art week will be held on March 9 to 18, 10 days. Several top gallery outside show powerful art personnel will also show the oil painting art for this kiosk, others fully to display this art gallery.
In the explanation of the handsome boy elder brother DaDouPian artist looking for:
Asia week in New York with five big auction house Bonhams, ie messiah canvas' s, Doyle, iGavel, Sotheby's 's level as well as 15 national prickly heat conjunctival help with Asian culture. Asia week in New York will charge to open to the public, and the magnetic device, jewelry, fabric, painting, sculpture, bronze ware, prints, photographs and electrical appliances, etc.
Oil painting.plane in four to five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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