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Rare and copper is the real currency oil painting history, also is the testimony of history

Rare and copper is the real currency oil painting history, also is the testimony of history. Since the last century, the coin auction market now popular way, and presents the high temperature hot scene. Many rare COINS were set currency enthusiasts, and in the auction market clinchs a deal with the price of horrifying, but many people realized the benefits of investment money market. In recent years, as the number of collecting COINS becomes more and more, experts also proposed his own point of view, they believe that money reflects the specific historical period, a national political, economic, cultural and military and so on various aspects of the situation, therefore, rare edition coin collection up as a "sweetheart", the study of social science, history, archaeology, has extensive significance. Today, coin collecting is still an elegant and noble, one of the cultural and recreational activities that are rich in meaning.
Recently, the one with the copper wire "jiangxi copper coin" four characters appear in the pat on field of JTG auction co., LTD., Shanghai has taken the approval of the geek. It is reported, this product is intact, the whole body golden in jiangxi province, when ten coppers, positive is divided into inner ring and outer ring of two parts. Inner ring engraved with "the jiangxi copper coin" four traditional fine print, the print a little flower, at the bottom of the outer ring is around the value of the "ten" when, let a person be in recognition of money when the market value of all can be clear at a glance. Because the money belong to the revolution of the high-quality goods currency, has now almost extinct in the antique market, so the display such a rare red copper COINS, also is to let a person shine at the moment.
To observe the reverse of the coin, we also found it not hard meticulous workmanship and remarkable. Made when the back of the ten coppers in jiangxi province is divided into inner ring and outer ring, inner ring engraved with nine big star, and every star at the top of the engraved with different dot, a symbol of the revolutionary ideals will be oil porrait realized someday in the future. Outer ring with uppercase letters, between the top and the bottom, and the plum blossom as an ornament, the overall view to, is very beautiful.
In October 1911, revolution broke out in wuchang, the national revolutionary during that time, take the bull by the horns, a positive response. The casting of the coin is specially designed for memorial "revolution" and issued. Attack at the time, the revolution in jiangxi, and in the ear of the qing government to overthrow. This revolution, fully reflects the strong desire of the national people's requirements completely-new, regime change, at the same time, the money also became at that time the most buy oil painting special historical relics in the specific historical period. Since jiangxi province built when the historical background of ten coppers issue is rare, casting period short, casting quantity and less, so is coin collecting is regarded as "one of the top ten treasures of copper coin market".
Space is large, and the coin appreciation value gains flying, coupled with exquisite craftsman teacher unique coinage technology, clear and perfect layout design level, the more popular collection enthusiasts fondle admiringly, for their keen interest.
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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